The Computershare funded Change A Life Boarding Centre has officially opened. The Centre, built adjacent to the World Youth International School in Nepal, will accommodate 50 students, thanks to the support of Computershare’s generous employees across the globe.

The new ‘Change A Life’ Boarding Centre will be home to both male and female students undertaking Years 11 and 12, which is a great benefit for those who find it difficult to make the daily trip to and from school especially during the monsoon season. The foundations of the building have been built to earthquake standards, making it one of the sturdiest buildings in the region and a safe house for students. Boarding fees and scholarships will help to make the World Youth International School self-sustainable into the future.

The highly awaited official opening of the Change A Life Boarding Centre took place during the first week of November. Computershare Global Executives travelled to Nepal to partake in the opening ceremony, where they were welcomed by over 650 excited students and staff. The Computershare team had the opportunity to witness first-hand how Computershare’s support has improved the quality of education for vulnerable children in Nepal. They were taken on a tour of the School and Boarding Centre, as well as treated to an array of traditional Nepali performances and ceremonies conducted by the School community.

Computershare’s Chief People & ESG Officer Lucy Newcombe was in attendance to officially open the Change A Life Boarding Centre.

“It was a really memorable experience to see how all the hard work and dedication that has gone into project has been successful,” says Ms Newcombe.

“The Centre will provide a really fostering environment where children can learn and be empowered to succeed in later life too.”

“Supporting World Youth International through our Change A Life workplace giving program gives Computershare employees a great opportunity to help provide support to communities, and we’re proud of the help we’ve given the World Youth International School.”

During the opening ceremony, members of the Computershare and World Youth International teams were invited to each plant a native tree on the school grounds.

World Youth International’s General Manager Terry Hoey is deeply appreciative of Computershare’s fundraising efforts and ongoing support.

“With 40% of Nepal’s population under the age of 18, providing support to educate and empower Nepalese children is vital so the next generation can develop the skills to successfully grow into self-sufficient adults,” says Mr Hoey.

The ‘Change A Life’ Boarding Centre will definitely have a positive impact on our school community. The official opening ceremony of the Centre was the perfect celebration for what it will provide the students that will reside there, and the positive flow-on effects to the wider community. This access to quality education would not have been possible without the support of Computershare and their dedicated employees worldwide. Thank you Computershare for your ongoing support.”



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