World Youth International in partnership with The Mango Tree and B1G1 have been involved in transforming the lives of vulnerable women, particularly widows, through various projects in Rachuonyo, Western Kenya. We have been able to empower families and help them deliver sustainable development projects in order for them to generate their own income through goat rearing for milk sale, poultry keeping, and offering education scholarships to children.

The project initially started in 2016-2017 and was scaled up in 2019-2020, with the donation of 80 local goats and 10 male bucks to 40 females, increasing the total goats donated to 215. Fortunately, the bucks were a fast-maturing breed and have showed a lot of resistance to diseases, which means they fetch better market prices. Farmers can also benefit from their nutritious milk, improving the health of the household. Throughout the project, the women involved have been able to meet their family’s daily expenses, and pay local school fees for their children, in addition to having the ability to pay for health insurance from the proceeds.

Due to the great success of this project, the Mango Tree are now seeking approval and funding to expand this project in other areas of Kenya. The funds will be directed towards supporting another 60 women, gifting them a goat, which will then be matched with exotic bucks to achieve maximum profit. In order to upgrade, the project will deliver 6 bucks, which will be given to lead farmers, for monitoring bringing the total projected beneficiaries to 120 households within a year. During the project timeframe, training is offered to all participants to ensure that there is firm education around raising goats, maintaining the land and managing the income stream from the sale of milk.

This project aims to improve the social-economic wellbeing of 120 women by:

  1. increasing their incomes from the sale of goats and milk
  2. increasing their family’s consumption of goat milk, improving nutrition and health
  3. increase sustainability within the community

If you would like to help support this beneficial project, which benefits current and future generations, please visit the World Youth International section on the B1G1 website. Through B1G1 8,844,658 impacts have been raised to support over 23 World Youth International sustainable development projects! We thank all of B1G1's partners and supporters for their contribution.

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