It is devastating to hear that while Australia has been recovering from the impact of the pandemic, Asian countries like Nepal and India are facing the second wave in full force. With the staggering rise in covid-19 cases and deaths, the situation is quite grim, to say the least.

Towards the end of 2020, the situation in Nepal seemed to settle down as lives almost went back to normal. This also helped the education sector as schools finally started to re-open with all the necessary pre-cautions in place. However, with rising cases in the neighbouring countries and an alarming increase in the cases in Nepal as well, the government has initiated lockdown again, halting the education sector.

The World Youth International School in Nepal tried its best throughout the past 12 months to ensure their students could continue their education, however as the school was closed for more than 6 months last year, the students fell behind in their curriculum. The school has embraced digital education as much as possible but without proper infrastructure, the impact has been minimal. Learn more about the challenges of implementing digital education in Nepal here.

As of March 20, 2021, the World Youth International School has been closed as per the instruction of the government. With about 7,137 cases in 24 hours (source: Nepal Health Ministry), the country is panic-stricken and in a state of chaos. As the second wave has impact majority of children in Nepal, education has again taken a backseat, as survival has become the main priority.

Covid -19 has definitely changed the educational patterns of our children. After such a long time these children were very happy to come back to school, which made their lives seem slightly normal. We tried our best with counselling and also getting them back into a routine, following the school curriculum. However, since this second wave has affected children even more, the risk is too big to take. The school is closed again, and we simply do not know when we will open again. It is really scary – for children and adults alike,” shares Kavita, teacher at the World Youth International School.

The World Youth International school still continues to provide education, mental support, and a helping hand to their students through phone and video calls, and through social media. The only simple way to provide education is through online learning but the parents simply cannot afford the cost of laptops, mobile phones and even internet.

Mandila, a grade 10 student at the World Youth International School says “I was so happy to go back to school and seeing my friends and teachers provided me with a sense of relief. But as the school has closed down again, we have now fallen behind with our studies and I do not know if things will ever get back to normal. Without laptops and mobile phones, I cannot study online, however my parents cannot afford to purchase these items. I’m afraid this pandemic will push me back years academically.”

The World Youth International scholarship program has, however, helped these children immensely. The scholarships help some of these children with their school fees, accommodation, and stationary. Since there are no government stimulus packages being offered and very few Nepali people are working, we must stand together and use the power of collective generosity.

Throughout the year we have provided scholarships to approximately 150 students but with the increase in new students who desperately need help, we are in a way, falling behind.

Can you help?

By joining our scholarship program, you will receive regular updates on the student, personalised letters and pictures creating a stronger and long-lasting relationship with your sponsor children. Your completely tax deductible donation will contribute towards providing an education for the child.

We believe that the act of giving is not just about donations, it is about making a difference. Small acts of kindness can impact the lives of these children immensely. The scholarship program helps the children in Nepal realise their dream of being educated, which in turn, creates a future of possibilities for them.

Visit our website here for more information on our child scholarship program. This is your opportunity to change a life forever.

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