Adventure with hope

Bringing healthcare and hope together through an unforgettable adventure with Nurses in Action.

Are you ready for the most soul-enriching experience of your life?

In Kenya, between 2017 and 2020, maternal mortality increased by 55%. Your help is needed now more than ever.

The Nurses in Action program offers a once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunity. As part of your adventure, you will make a genuine difference and explore one of two glorious countries.

Ready to experience these benefits and more?

  • Empower individuals and communities
  • Help create better lives
  • Personal growth
  • Contribute to genuine change
  • Engross yourself in local culture
  • Return with enhanced skills
  • Expanded mindset
  • Understand healthcare in a developing country
  • Unparalleled personal and professional development

Imagine being part of a dedicated team of healthcare heroes united by a common goal: to make a tangible difference to people's healthcare in developing countries. With Nurses in Action, you can turn this dream into reality, all while experiencing the unparalleled beauty and challenges of places like Kenya and Nepal.

Quick Facts:

  • 3 weeks in Nepal
  • For: nurses and allied health professionals (physiotherapists, midwives, occupational therapists)
  • Aged: 21 to 65
  • Aim: primary healthcare services to remote communities

Meet team leader, Jen

Here's what you get:

  • comprehensive orientation program
  • small knit team (12 or less volunteers)
  • secure, but essential, accommodation and facilities
  • once-in-a-lifetime experience

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that absolutely everything is organised for you while you participate in a diverse range of experiences and placements, all under the guidance and support of your trained Australian RN team leader. Plus, you will receive guidance from the in-country support team.

Your placements will be:

  • child and maternal health
  • wound management
  • immunisations
  • general nursing care
  • medical camps in remote communities (treating 200-300 patients in one day)
  • educate local communities and healthcare providers about sustainable public health practices, including hygiene, sanitation and nursing care
  • home visits
  • health information delivery eg into schools

Deeply immersive cultural experiences that stay with you for the rest of your life

You’ll spend time in rural villages where you get a rare insight into firsthand challenges faced by healthcare providers. Daily, you will talk with community members, discovering their unique culture, local activities, way of life and events.

‘You work closely with your Nepali team, observing what’s going on. It’s a brilliant opportunity to learn things for yourself, experience and develop your education, and help out. We also had the chance to visit a women’s shelter and delivered direct healthcare whilst getting to know the women and their stories, providing some comfort where we could.’ - Jen, NIA Team Leader, on her visit to Nepal.

Personal and professional game-changer

For a memorable self-discovery journey and professional opportunity, consider the Nurses in Action program.

Expand professionally by:

  • learning healthcare practices in a developing country
  • contributing to health curricula at rural schools
  • engaging your triage skills
  • providing community education
  • extending outside your comfort zone
  • be guided by fully qualified staff

Australian nurses may be able to claim their CPD training hours, which could make program fees and expenses a tax deduction.

And it looks terrific on your CV.

Meet team leader Helen:

Help community development projects

As part of your participation on this program, you’ll be required to raise funds in addition to your program fee, which will go directly towards World Youth International and our Global Projects Fund, which supports community development projects in Kenya and Nepal.

This is the first step to the most rewarding journey of your life, one in which you make a significant contribution to people who need you.

Join the safari

At the end of your Kenya program, you can participate in a 3-day safari through the infamous Masai Mara reserve. It is a fantastic way to celebrate your achievements with your team.


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