World Youth International engages Australians in change-making programs across the world; to support them as volunteers and global citizens to make a positive difference for communities living in the most poor and vulnerable places. We enable communities around the world to improve health and education and to empower women and girls.


The Nepali people are something else. Living in the village we were welcomed into homes, introduced …

Nurses in Action Nepal

I was in awe of their nursing expertise – it is too easy to assume (falsely) that because Australia …

Nurses in Action Kenya

Taking time out of the daily grind and immersing yourself in another culture and at the same time gi…

Nurses in Action Nepal

Our Impact


people have accessed healthcare


projects have been implemented, across more than 90 communities around the world


people reached through personal development training programs and workshops


children have been educated


houses have been built for disadvantaged families

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World Youth International

Our Nurses In Action team of Volunteers recently spent the day at Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre in Western Kenya. It was Vulnerable Children's Day, which was an opportunity for the local children…... View post

World Youth International

Many students want to spend their uni holidays doing something meaningful, while also exploring the world! Hannah is currently on a Global Adventurers Program (GAP) teaching placement at a school in Western…... View post

World Youth International

Through World Youth International, Mama Ann’s Odede Community Health Centre in Western Kenya has funded multiple community-driven farms, supporting the infrastructure (such as water pipes, drainage and…... View post

World Youth International

Nurses and midwives play a vital role in providing health services on a global scale 🌍 In our advocacy of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we aim to empower nurses through our Nurses In Action…... View post

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