If you would like to be a part of our vision, by including World Youth International in your Will, you will assist us and join many other generous benefactors in readdressing some of the many imbalances that face women and children around the world.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a commitment in a person's Last Will and Testament that stipulates the transfer of property such as money, shares, or tangible property to an individual or a charitable organisation.


By making a bequest to World Youth International, you will be supporting our organisation in readdressing the many imbalances that currently effect women and children in the world.

Through the generosity of many and as part of our ongoing commitment to women and children, we have built the World Youth International School and Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity in Nepal. As the literacy rate of children is very low in Nepal, opportunities have now been created through our school to give the children an education and a good start in life.

An education trust fund has also been established for the children at Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity by Lyn Schodde in association with World Youth International. This will assist the children with tertiary education once they have completed high school and give them the opportunity to step outside of the poverty cycle they were destined for.

In Kenya our projects include the Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre in western Kenya which provides vital health care for people living in poverty.

We believe education is the best means of assisting women and children to reach their full potential and also as a way of reducing conflict, prejudice and poverty that is in our world today. Your bequest would be used to support World Youth International in readdressing some of the many imbalances that face women and children in the world today.

What may I bequeath to World Youth International?

In making a bequest to World Youth International, you can state a fixed amount of money, personal property such as shares, or a percentage of your estate.

With a residuary bequest, you direct that World Youth International will receive all, or part of, your estate remaining after other specific bequests and expenses related to settlement of your estate have been paid.

Does World Youth International want to know of my bequest?

World Youth International recognises that your bequest intentions are a very personal matter and that you may, understandably, wish to keep them confidential. However, if you are willing to inform us of your intentions it would assist us greatly in the future planning of our projects. Please contact Terry Hoey on (08) 8340 1266 or [email protected] with your intentions.

What kind of wording in my Will is appropriate for a bequest to World Youth International?

The following wording is recommended for consideration.

I bequeath to World Youth International (Aust) Ltd, ABN 52060813541, of 8/977 North East Road, Modbury SA 5092, for the general purpose of the said organisation and free of all duties and taxes, the following:

  1. Percentage ................................ % of my estate
  2. The whole of my estate
  3. All the residue of my estate, including personal property
  4. Percentage: ...% of the residue of my estate
  5. The sum of $ ..................................................
  6. My shares in ...................................................
  7. My real property situated at .............................. 1 Title reference number ......................................

I DECLARE that the receipt of World Youth International's authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executor.

World Youth International recommends that you consult a legal adviser when making your will.

If you would like to discuss World Youth International's Bequest options further, please contact the office on (08) 8340 1266 or [email protected].

Have a question?   (08) 8340 1266

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