Sponsor a Hospital Employee

The Odede Health Centre is a community-driven initiative that brings crucial healthcare services to thousands of people living in extreme poverty every year in western Kenya. The hospital is staffed entirely by Kenyan health professionals, providing critical employment for skilled healthcare workers. A small army of community health volunteers are also supported by the Health Centre for their community outreach programs.

We are looking for individuals, groups and businesses to sponsor staff members from the health centre. By doing this, you'll create a real connection with the Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya and enable the staff to continue doing the amazing work they do!

By sponsoring an experienced and valued staff member, you will be supporting the sustainability of the Health Centre, ensuring it can continue to provide invaluable healthcare services to the people of Odede and surrounding rural communities.

All donations are fully tax deductible!

Sponsor a Laboratory Technician

Support a lab technician to continue to test and diagnose illnesses and provide life changing treatment.

Sponsor a Receptionist

Support a Receptionist to process incoming and outgoing patients at the Centre and other administration tasks.

Sponsor a Grounds Person

Support a Grounds Person to continue to maintain the health centre grounds and tend to the food crops.

Sponsor a Kitchen Staff Member

Support the Kitchen Staff to provide healthy, nutritious meals to the patients at the Centre.

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