Disasters such as the pandemic affected us all; but those living in poverty are always the most vulnerable as it makes it even harder for them to break the cycle that so many families have lived in for generations. While now declared over, the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the Nepali communities World Youth International works within. In particular, it has been incredibly challenging for our World Youth International School to continue enabling students to access quality education.

Throughout the past few years, families have been unable to pay their school fees, therefore the amount of students we sponsor tripled from 105 students in January 2020 to 307 students as of April 2023. These are all students who have come from underprivileged families who now simply cannot afford to pay their school tuition fees any longer. It would be heart-breaking for us to have to turn away students that are educated and cared for on-site at our School and the Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity. These students are looking to us to provide security and a nurturing environment so that they can embrace a better future.

Can you give the gift of an education?

Your contribution provides:

What you need to know:

  • Your donation will be used to support the academic needs of all students attending the World Youth International School and/or Sapana Dreaming. All donations will be pooled and distributed equally amongst all of the students.
  • You will receive quarterly updates from our office in Australia, which will provide updates on the school, academic achievements and student profiles.
  • You will receive communications from us, including a dedicated newsletter twice annually. You will be welcomed to join the WYI School social media pages and receive regular updates directly from the school.
  • Your donation is 100% tax deductible and 90% of your funds will go directly to Nepal.
  • You may choose to visit the WYI School in Nepal for a guided tour and interaction with the students (conditions apply).

No matter your budget, every gift helps

Choose from our monthly donation packages or a one-off donation to help provide an education for these children at the World Youth International School and/or Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity.

The Sapana Dreaming Fund

Contribute to the overall expenses for children attending Sapana Dreaming. This supports with education, accommodation, meals, and healthcare.


WYI School Pathways Fund

Provide students with a primary or secondary education at the World Youth International School, including accommodation, resources, meals and healthcare.


Education Pathways Fund

Provide assistance to children who are unable to pay their school fees at the World Youth International School.

Make a Donation

At a glance

In 1999, World Youth International opened Australia's first Primary/High School in Nepal. Nepal was chosen because at the time, it had the third lowest literacy rate in the world. Approximately 87% of women and 70% of men were illiterate. When the school first opened, there were 24 children enrolled and a handful of teachers. Today, the World Youth International School enrolls over 650 students and has an average grade pass rate of over 96.5%, recognising it as one of Nepal's top schools.

Why support students in Nepal?

By investing in a Nepali child's education, you can transform lives, promote equality, and drive sustainable development. Your contribution creates opportunities for underprivileged children, breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering positive change for decades to come.


Needing to pay an invoice, please visit the Donations and Payments page.


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