The challenge

In addition to your program fee, you will be required to raise $1,850 (Nurses in Action) or $700 (Global Adventurer's Program), which will go towards World Youth International and our global projects, to ensure we can continue working with communities around the world.

It may seem daunting at first, but you'll be surprised how easy it is once you get going and how eager your friends and family are to support you!

The cause

The funds you raise will make a real impact to the community you work with in Kenya and Nepal, and to other communities around the world. By raising the additional funds you can help to create change by supporting projects such as:

Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya

The Odede Health Centre is a World Youth International initiative that brings crucial healthcare services to thousands of people living in extreme poverty every year. It provides maternal and infant health care, HIV testing and support, and many other services. Hundreds of women give birth safely at the Health Centre each year, and community outreach programs provide education and basic medical services for schools and villages around Odede.

The World Youth International School, Nepal

The adult literacy rate in Nepal stands at just 59% of people over the age of 15. WYI has been fighting to change this since 1999 when the World Youth International School was opened. The school was built with the help of many volunteers and the Gokarna community.

Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity, Nepal

The Sapana Dreaming Centre for Humanity was built to provide a place for underprivleged children who did not have access to basic rights such as education and a safe home. The Home gives 50 children the opportunity to be cared for and sponsors them to attend the WYI school. Many of the children are the victims of the 2015 earthquake, which killed more than 9,000 people. Many of these children lost their families and homes.

How to fundraise

There are many ways you can raise your target! You could host a trivia night, movie night, tea party or fundraising dinner, arrange a garage sale or even hold a sausage sizzle at a local business or sports club. Once you have paid your deposit of $550, WYI will provide you with a link to your own online fundraising page which you can share with your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues via social media. And don't forget, we are here to help! We can provide you with advice and support to help you reach your target.

"I am thrilled at how well my fundraising is going so far. The page is great and so easy to set up. I was so nervous about it all but was pleasantly surprised. Also, people are loving the information provided surrounding fundraising and are very impressed with WYI and what is achieved." Leanne, Nurses in Action volunteer

Please contact the office on (08) 8340 1266 for more information about fundraising.

When to fundraise

As soon as you have paid your deposit and secured your place on a program, you can begin fundraising! You have until 2 weeks before your program starts to reach the fundraising target. Once you have reached your target, you are free to continue fundraising during and after your program as well.

Terms and Conditions

Your program fee cannot be included as part of your fundraising, and WYI is not able to issue tax deductible receipts for any donations made towards your program fee. You are only eligible to fundraise for your fundraising target, as a contribution to WYI’s work and our Global Projects Fund.

Any additional funds raised over your fundraising target will be considered a donation to WYI and its global projects. If you do not meet your fundraising target, you will be required to contribute the shortfall of funds from your own personal funds.

Any funds raised for WYI’s global projects are non refundable.You are required to read WYI’s ‘terms and conditions of participation’ to ensure you understand the cancellation policy for your Program.

Have a question?   (08) 8340 1266

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