The World Youth International IT College funded by Computershare’s Change a Life Foundation is one step closer to opening its doors. With the majority of the construction work now completed, the focus has shifted towards finalising the details before welcoming its first batch of students during 2025.

One of the last steps in the completion process has been the painting of the College, which will be done closer to the opening date to ensure that the paintwork looks fresh and vibrant. This final touch will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the College but also create a welcoming environment for students and staff.

In terms of technical infrastructure, the College has made significant progress. As per their reports, the installation of cabling from the main line, including three lines for internet connectivity is happening. Additionally, the College is purchasing essential equipment such as Wi-Fi connections, cabling, modems, large display screens for presentations and tutoring, printer and photo-copiers, desk and chairs for four classrooms, and security cameras for the building.

Funds raised from the upcoming Trek for Tech will go towards the cost of computers and multimedia equipment for the students. Once these key products are ordered and installed, the College will be fully equipped to provide a comprehensive learning experience for its students.

Overall, the progress made in the construction and setup of the IT College is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in the project. As the Trek for Tech and opening date draws near, excitement is building for the prospective students who will soon benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality education that the College has to offer.

Learn more about the upcoming Trek for Tech here

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