I am very pleased to be sharing a Christmas greeting on behalf of the team here at World Youth International after what has been an incredibly difficult year. It is a testament to the strength of World Youth International that we have been able to navigate our way through the last 2 years. We are a resilient, adaptable organisation that has proven once again that we are here for the long run.

Over the past 18 months, we were constantly on the look out for our next major initiative and I'm very happy to share that we were able to develop a new program, Healthcare Heartbeat, which will remain here on Australian shores. Healthcare Heartbeat: The Pulse of our Nation will be supporting the amazing men and women who have led the fight against Covid-19! We have found a unique niche in the market and it's time for Australians to have a way in which they can give back to these courageous Australian healthcare heroes. Stay tuned, as we will be rolling out our campaign over the next few months, and I am sure there is a way everyone can be involved!

After a hiatus for nearly 2 years, World Youth International will be resuming all overseas volunteer programs in 2022. We have an amazing network of 87 healthcare workers who have been patiently waiting for our international borders to reopen so they can travel to Nepal and Kenya for their Nurses In Action program. They have entrusted us and we will soon be able to repay the favour. Thank you to all our nurses who have stood by our side, you will soon be rewarded!

I'm very happy to report that our international projects are going strong and although they have been severely impacted by Covid-19, they have continued to be well supported by World Youth International and our partners. We have seen an increase of nearly 100 students at the World Youth International School in Nepal, which now supports over 600 students and the Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya is having one of its busiest years on record.

While there have been many challenges throughout 2021, the benefit of our overseas programs being on hold has been that we have had time to review our operations and plan for the future. We now have a jam-packed year ahead of us with many exciting twists and turns to be unveiled over the coming months. 2022 - we are ready for you!

On behalf of World Youth International and our team across the globe, Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all.


Terry Hoey, General Manager, World Youth International IMG-20211214-WA00141


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