Over the past few months, University of South Australia student Emma Ranaldo has been a valued member of our team, completing her Business Internship Program within our World Youth International office. It was great timing as Emma was on board to support our team roll-out a key marketing campaign that gave her the first-hand experience she needed as well as a chance to use her skills and creativity! From the get go, we were blown away with her content creation, and the amazing drawings she did on her ipad. Emma was able to gain experience using social media in a business setting and received many learning opportunities bringing her university education to real work situations.

Learn more about Emma's time with us;

My name is Emma, and I am a third-year student completing a Bachelor of Business (Design and Marketing) at the University of South Australia (UniSA). I would love to have a career in the ever-growing digital marketing field focusing on social media and content creation. As part of the business school at UniSA, I was fortunate enough to take part in the course Business Practicum which helped me get an internship at World Youth International.

World Youth International engages Australians in change-making programs across the world in Kenya, Nepal and Uganda. The two volunteer programs offered are the Nurses in Action and Global Adventurer’s Program. Nurses in Action involves a team-based volunteer program for qualified health professionals while the Global Adventurer’s Program involves individual health placements for students and professionals.

While at World Youth International, my current position title is Marketing Intern under the direction of Terry Hoey, General Manager, and Gabriella Ocenasek, Partnerships and Marketing Manager.

During my time at World Youth International, I have developed my skills in communication and teamwork in a professional environment by working collaboratively with Gabriella, Terry and Christian Marchetti (Marketing and Communications Intern) throughout the ‘Health Camp Week’ campaign while still effectively able to work individually on my own tasks creating visuals and text for the social media platforms. My part in the campaign enabled me to further develop my skills in content creation, design, and marketing. Thus, developing graduate qualities, knowledge and experience partaking in a professional marketing campaign as well as professional content creation.

Everyone at World Youth International has been very accommodating and supportive and I would like to thank both Terry and Gabriella for welcoming me and making me feel part of the team!

I would also like to thank my coordinator Zhifang Wu for the opportunity to take part in Unisa’s Business Practicum and encourage all business school students to take part in an amazing industry experience too.

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