World Youth International launches Health Camp Week to raise awareness and funds so that vulnerable communities can access vital healthcare

With the pandemic now impacting communities around the globe for over 12 months, the long term effects of this can be felt everywhere. People within developing countries like Kenya and Nepal, who didn’t get the same level of Government assistance as we did here in Australia, will find it even more challenging to recover financially, and even more devastating, is that there are vulnerable communities who have no access whatsoever to healthcare.

These communities have been well supported by World Youth International's Nurses in Action Volunteers to facilitate and deliver Health Camps so that villages throughout Kenya and Nepal could access vital medical services in areas where there are limited medical facilities. While our Nurses In Action program has been grounded until international travel restrictions ease, there are now communities who haven’t been able to access any medical attention for over a year.

Disasters such as the global pandemic affect us all; but those living in poverty are always the most vulnerable as it makes it even harder for them to break the cycle. If we can’t help these communities gain access to healthcare and education, who will?” questions Terry Hoey, General Manager, World Youth International.

In response to this issue, we are holding our Health Camp Week campaign from 22 to 29 March, 2021 to raise funds and awareness of Health Camps for these remote villages within Kenya and Nepal that have suffered during the covid-19 pandemic. By getting behind a Health Camp in Kenya or Nepal, people can show much-needed support to these vulnerable communities that have been devastated in recent times. There are now more impoverished people than ever requiring medical assistance.

World Youth International has implemented and facilitated Health Camps over the past 11 years. Over 10,000 patients from remote villages in Kenya received treatment. They have also treated around 3,500 patients in remote villages in Nepal. We want to continue raising awareness that these communities in developing countries cannot receive healthcare without our support. We hope to have generated sufficient funds to implement more Health Camps.

How can you get involved in Health Camp Week?

Bid for an exciting high-end item in our upcoming Auction Gala: On the 22 March, we will be hosting a charity Auction Gala in conjunction with charityBay, with the proceeds from the items sold going towards Health Camps. The auction will run over 7 days so be sure to keep checking on your bids throughout Health Camp Week, from 22-29 March. We have already received so many fantastic items and experiences contributed by very generous donors and partners. Whether you are a sports fanatic, a foodie, perhaps organising a gift for a loved one, or in need of a pamper - we are sure there is something for everyone!

Sponsor a Health Camp: For just AUD $2000, we can host a Health Camp that can treat up to 600 patients targeting all age demographics, in remote villages in western Kenya and Nepal. During this Health Camp, our Nurses In Action volunteers will be able to test hundreds of people for common illnesses such as malaria, HIV AIDS, tropical diseases as well as the treatment of infections, abrasions, ringworm and general hygiene issues. There will be testing stations and a pharmacy set up, with our volunteers monitoring patient’s blood pressure, oxygen, pulse, checking glucose levels for diabetes, administering medication and applying dressings for wounds. A Health Camp will provide hundreds of people with access to a range of healthcare services, improving quality of life, and making significant inroads into getting remote villages back on their feet. There are a range of benefits your organisation can access by sponsoring a Health Camp. To explore this opportunity further, please click here.

Make a tax deductible Donation: If you would love to support a health camp in a smaller capacity, please make a tax deductible donation here and all combined funds raised will go towards a Health Camp in Kenya. Donate here!

Join a Nurses In Action Volunteer program: It's only a matter of time until international travel restrictions ease! Consider signing up in advance to our Nurses in Action Program. We have been sending volunteers overseas since 1992. We have an impeccable safety and security record with an extensive range of policies in place to ensure all volunteers have an amazing experience overseas and return home safely. Volunteers on our Nurses In Action program can continue to enjoy the comfort of knowing that absolutely everything is organised for them while they participate in a diverse range of experiences and placements, all under the guidance and support of a trained Australian team leader. If you’re passionate about supporting others and want to plan future trips, particularly when some of the communities we work within will need more support than ever while the world is recovering, it's a great time to plan ahead for the journey of a lifetime. Interest free monthly payment plans can be set up. If travel restrictions are still in place next year, you can defer your travel plans for up to 2 years at no further cost! More information here.

Share, like and comment: Help us promote Health Camp Week, and encourage your friends and family to bid on an item in the Auction Gala on 22 March!

We really encourage everyone to get around us and this cause, and hope you will all develop a greater understanding of the significance of how your donation or bid is helping to bridge the healthcare gap in developing countries. We have no doubt that your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many people and deeply appreciate everyone’s support,” highlights Terry.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we unveil the auction items and get ready to bid on 22 March!

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