Leadership Coaching and Coach Leader training specialists, Coach Studio, have been selected by charity Healthcare Heartbeat to deliver coaching and training programs specifically tailored for healthcare professionals. Healthcare Heartbeat brings together a range of essential services to provide additional support to our healthcare workers, particularly nurses, under one united banner during this challenging time.

Through Healthcare Heartbeat, healthcare professionals can access Coach Studio’s programs, as well as a range of other benefits including access to crisis lines, career and personal development courses, mentoring, retreats, overseas nursing placements, and meal delivery services.

Healthcare Heartbeat is a newly launched initiative by non-profit organisation World Youth International, who have been working with Australian healthcare professionals since 2005 via their Nurses In Action overseas volunteering program. This has given World Youth International a great insight into the healthcare sector and the challenges that healthcare professionals face daily. It’s this insight, combined with their network within the healthcare industry, which highlighted the dire need to collaborate with a reputable organisation such as Coach Studio.

I interviewed past participants of our Nurses In Action, many of whom are now working on the frontlines of the pandemic, to get a better sense of their workplace challenges. I noted that there are much higher levels of anxiety, workplace stress, burnout, and communication breakdowns amongst healthcare staff than ever before. This is having a significant flow on effect to their families, home life and their mental well-being. The pressures on our healthcare system and the impact this is having on our frontline workers continues to rise each day,” shares Terry Hoey, General Manager, Healthcare Heartbeat.

We at Healthcare Heartbeat are proud to be collaborating with Inta and the Coach Studio team and are very appreciative of their commitment to deliver internationally accredited Coach Leader Training and one to one Leadership Coaching program that have already proven successful in empowering professionals across multiple sectors, including the healthcare industry, so they are better equipped to attract, retain and grow the people that will bring them sustained success in an era where across generations, workers are re-evaluating what matters most to them in the wake of the pandemic. Employees want to feel cared about as human beings, not just workers, making healthy cultures that think about how to work with, support and engage the whole person and professional development high on their list of preferred employers.”

Healthcare organisations achieve their results through their people, yet in this pandemic era there are high levels of turnover and organisations are left asking how to rethink culture and retention strategies to develop an environment of connectedness, wellbeing, and engagement.

Healthcare leaders play a vital role in helping their teams and colleagues to develop, grow, and sustain balance for themselves so they can be at their best for their patients, colleagues, and family. Our unique and highly interactive programs are vital in preventing burn out, under performance from prolonged stress, and the loss of once held passion and purpose for their work,” highlights Inta Sellick, Director of Coach Studio.

Coaching skills have evolved as vital to improving leadership and an effective way to support and develop leaders working in complex healthcare systems. Institutions like Harvard Medical School and the WA Health Department have embraced coaching wholeheartedly as a means to improving performance and wellbeing for healthcare professionals, firstly for self-nurturing and growth and secondly for professional development that provides positive benefits for the healthcare organisation and their team.”

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, Coach Studio’s programs are offered in-person but also virtually, ensuring it is equally accessible by nurses and healthcare workers in metro and rural locations across Australia.

Designed for professionals working in leadership positions within the healthcare sector, as well as healthcare workers such as nurses, Coach Studio knows from experience that the most effective and enjoyable learning is highly interactive, practical and focused on a meaningful learning experience for each person to grow skills and confidence.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can apply to become a sponsored Healthcare Hero and receive tokens to spend on services, such as Coach Studio’s program, via the Healthcare Heartbeat website. Learn more and register your interest.

Can you help equip our healthcare professionals with the right tools to manage stress and other negative emotions that have been heightened as a result of the pandemic? Sponsor a healthcare worker today so they can access vital support.


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