World Youth International in partnership with The Mango Tree and B1G1 have been involved in transforming the lives of vulnerable women, particularly widows, through various projects in Rachuonyo, Western Kenya. We have been able to empower families and help them deliver sustainable development projects in order for them to generate their own income through goat rearing for milk sale, poultry keeping, and offering education scholarships to children.

During the 2020-21 financial year, WYI purchased 80 goats and 10 bucks for The Mango Tree’s goat and chicken breeding program. In addition to purchase of goats, funding was provided to ensure the effective training and financial management of any income received to ensure that all new enterprises had the best chance of success.

Over the past 12 months, WYI have dramatically grown this program and we are now witnessing flourishing enterprises in the heart of western Kenya. A total of 80 families have now been welcomed to the goat breeding program with the goal of training many more local widows. The women are provided with regular training and support initiatives and as part of their agreement, once their business has been set up and is creating a profit, they must agree to train a new family and provide them with a newborn goat (kid). Over 60% of the goats purchased by WYI have now given birth and are providing milk for their families. There are currently an additional 10 pregnant goats ready to give birth over the coming months.

Our goal is to continue expanding this project to ensure that more women are able to create their own business enterprise. The goal of each family is to generate enough funding to purchase a hybrid cow.

If you would like to help support this beneficial project, which benefits current and future generations, please contact [email protected].

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