Healthcare Heartbeat are proud to partner with national meal delivery service Chefgood to further support the nutrition and lifestyle of healthcare professionals. Through Chefgood, sponsored Healthcare Heartbeat nurses and healthcare workers will have access to free or subsidised Chefgood ready-made nutritious meals!

Workplace burnout from increased shifts, overexertion and overtime, due to staff shortages is impacting the lives of shift and healthcare workers, Australia-wide. To alleviate repercussions of this burnout, it is important workers have a balanced and nutritious diet as a means to support their wellbeing and endurance. However, being time-stricken and depleted by the time they get home and then ready for their next shift, it is not always feasible for healthcare workers to create these meals themselves, which is why we have partnered with Chefgood, to make eating healthy a viable option. Chefgood meals are a convenient and nutritious way to ensure workers have healthy meals to support energy levels, increased workloads and longer shifts. The ready-made meals are also a great way to encourage healthy eating amongst the family, when time is limited for cooking.

The newly launched Healthcare Heartbeat collaborates with organisations and families across Australia, creating opportunities for our hard working and valued healthcare workers to access additional support while being acknowledged for their continuous efforts through challenging times. Through this program, nurses and healthcare workers will be able to apply to receive mental fitness training, overseas adventures, retreats, and now meal delivery services through Chefgood,” highlights Terry Hoey, General Manager, Healthcare Heartbeat.

"We started Chefgood in the hopes of shaking up the ready-meal industry. We didn’t want convenience to trump health or taste, so we created a new style of prepared meals that are always nutritious, delicious and high quality. At Chefgood, we don’t do boring, mass-produced and bland food. We are a restaurant style, meal delivery service that is always of-fering something new and exciting – and delivering it right to our customers' doorstep,” shares Michelle Sievwright, Co-Founder & CEO of Chefgood.

Chefgood are further encouraging the community to contribute to the movement of supporting healthcare workers across the nation, by generously offering Healthcare Heartbeat a 20% donation from all orders placed via their website. Meaning, It’s never been easier for every-day Aussie’s gain access to nutritious and convenient meals, all while giving back to healthcare workers!

“We’re so appreciative of the partnership we have formed with Chefgood and their generosity towards healthcare workers during these unprecedented times. We couldn’t be more grateful to have Chefgood standing by us, in our journey to support nurses and healthcare professionals and alleviate burnout and anxiety” acknowledges Terry Hoey, General Manager, Healthcare Heartbeat.

Healthcare Heartbeat’s website has launched, and throughout the next few months, the organisation will showcasing the many opportunities to be involved in a vital and life-changing service that aims to inspire positive change to a workforce at breaking point.

You can now place an order with Chefgood via the link below and have 20% of your purchase go towards Healthcare Heartbeat, supporting sponsored healthcare professionals here.


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