Computershare employees across the globe are counting down until the highly anticipated 2022 Trek Nepal. Re-launching after a 2-year hiatus in a new and exciting virtual format means that everyone can get involved, regardless of country, to take part a range of fitness, community and adventure activities, all while supporting World Youth International.

With a goal of raising at least $100,000 in the 2022 Virtual Trek Nepal for the World Youth International School in Gokarna, funds will go towards finalising the fit-out of the School’s Change A Life Boarding home. The Boarding home was built with funds raised from Computershare’s previous treks and with this continued support, the School can welcome Year 11 & 12 boarding students, ensuring more Nepali children can continue their quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kicking off on Monday 18 April, 30 teams of three to six people will be embarking on the virtual journey, where they will aim to achieve 75,000 steps over a 2-week period. The 135 dedicated participants are from offices all around the world, including United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Along the way they will have the opportunity to travel the same route that previous Trekkers experienced, all while gaining insight into the Nepali culture. Over 75 people have already registered and are excited to get moving and raise money for this important cause.

The inaugural Trek Nepal occurred in 2018 when 35 Computershare employees from Europe, UK and South Africa completed the arduous yet visually stunning journey through the Himalayas. Trek Nepal 2019 participants were from Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. With travel restrictions still in place in some countries, and many employees continuing to work from home, this year’s Virtual Trek is the perfect platform allowing participants to connect from across borders; banding together to improve the lives of children and their families within disadvantaged communities.

The Trek will close with a celebration at the World Youth International School where participants will be able to tune in to see first-hand how their efforts are making a positive impact on the lives of the students within the World Youth International School, as well as the wider community.

With 40% of Nepal’s population under the age of 18, providing support to educate and empower Nepalese children is vital so they can develop the skills to successfully grow into self-sufficient adults.

World Youth International aims to empower the youth of today, to make way for a better tomorrow. This is an ongoing challenge due to the fact that there are communities in developing countries, such as Nepal, who do not receive adequate education due to poverty, and has further increased due to the impact of the pandemic and lockdowns. It’s through education that communities can be empowered, however without adequate support, many children cannot attend school, or have access to online education remotely through lockdowns. Constant lockdowns and the general instability of the past two years throughout the pandemic are placing citizens in a more vulnerable state than ever before, especially in terms of mental health, education and the country’s economy and sustainability,” shares Terry Hoey, World Youth International General Manager.

“With the continuous support of Computershare’s Change a Life Foundation, World Youth International has been able to expand the School. Enrolments are now increasing as its reputation as a leading educational institution throughout Nepal strengthens. However, there is a lot more that can be done in order for more children to receive the education that they need to flourish. We are so thankful to Computershare employees everywhere and I am deeply impressed with the generosity and dedication of Computershare’s fundraising efforts and support of our projects in Nepal.”

Computershare’s CEO and President Stuart Irving is looking forward to seeing teams from all over the world band together for this initiative.

The World Youth International School provides an fantastic environment of learning, safety and care for children in Gokarna, and I’m very proud of everything that Computershare’s staff does to support it,” shares Stuart.

I know colleagues around the world are fired up for our Virtual Trek, which will help us raise even more funding for this worthy institution.”

Fundraising for the 2022 Virtual Trek Nepal has already commenced! You can help the Computershare Trekkers achieve their fundraising goal and improve children’s education in Nepal by donating here.


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