Hugh McCluggage, AFL Brisbane Lions FC Midfielder, will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime, travelling to the World Youth International School in Nepal this November to launch a sports and creative arts program. He will then spend two weeks in Nepal volunteering at the School, sharing his knowledge and passion of music and sports with close to 650 students.

Hugh has kicked off a major fundraising campaign to raise AUD $25K, which will allow students living below the poverty line to take part in the program.

Whether it be at home or in the community, Hugh always strives to make a positive difference to other people's lives. He is extremely grateful for the support of his family and the opportunities they provided him. Empowering the next generation to have the same opportunities he did as a child is what inspired Hugh to commit to this adventure during the footy off-season.

“I have fond memories of sitting alongside my grandparents as a child, listening to them play their piano. As I grew older I also learnt to play, and it’s now something I do to wind down and relax after a busy day. I am extremely grateful for the extra-curricular opportunities I received growing up - learning instruments and playing a range of sports. I now have the chance to pass this on to children in Nepal who, without this type of support, would not get the same experiences I had as a child growing up in Victoria,” shares Hugh.

“I understand that many others were not as fortunate as I to have this strong family network and the same opportunities that I was offered. I want to be able to use my range of experiences and learnings both during my upbringing and in my current role as a professional athlete to help everyone around me grow and become better people.”

The study of creative arts is a vital field that many students within developing countries miss out on.

“Situated in the Gokarna region of Nepal, the World Youth International School provides children with a quality education through shared cultural teachings and experiences. Children taking part in creative arts studies can further develop confidence, resilience, discipline, communications skills, identity, problem-solving skills, and coordination. Hugh’s contribution will enable many students at the School to learn new skills that will improve their development and open up more employment pathways. We are proud to partner with Hugh and are excited that his generous commitment will allow underprivileged students to further their education,” acknowledges Gabriella Ocenasek, Director, World Youth International.

“I love working with children and am sure that these students who take part in the sports and creative arts program will experience so much joy. I can’t wait to meet the students at World Youth International School and teach them some of the skills I have picked up over the years, on and off the field,” highlights Hugh.

Hugh needs your help to reach his target goal. $100 provides 1 child access to the sports and creative arts program at the World Youth International School in Nepal.

Tax deductible donations can be placed here.


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