We are very excited to share that the Computershare funded ‘Change A Life’ Boarding Centre is officially set to open this November! The Centre, built adjacent to the World Youth International School in Nepal, is ready to house 50 students, thanks to the support of Computershare’s generous employees across the globe.

The new ‘Change A Life’ Boarding Centre will be home to male and female students undertaking Years 11 and 12, which is a great benefit for those who find it difficult to make the daily trip to and from school especially during the monsoon season. The foundations of the building have been built to earthquake standards, making it one of the sturdiest buildings in the region, and a safe house for students. The boarding students will be supported by on-site staff, have extended access to the computer room and other study resources, and benefit from a safe and engaging community. Boarding fees and scholarships will help to make the World Youth International School self-sustainable into the future.

In 2017, Computershare entered into a five-year agreement with World Youth International after their employees selected it as the primary global project for their charity, Change A Life. As well as corporate funding, the Boarding Centre was funded by employee fundraising initiatives such as Himalayan and virtual Treks. Change A Life has also funded a range of improvements to the School, including upgrades to classrooms and curriculum programs, extending the school to Years 11 and 12, and numerous construction/transport projects. During the pandemic, Computershare provided additional funds towards ensuring a number of students could access online learning.

These projects and access to quality education would not have been possible without the support of Computershare and their dedicated employees worldwide.

With 40% of Nepal’s population under the age of 18, providing support to educate and empower Nepalese children is vital so the next generation can develop the skills to successfully grow into self-sufficient adults.

World Youth International’s General Manager Terry Hoey, is deeply appreciative of Computershare’s fundraising efforts and ongoing support.

“The ‘Change A Life’ Boarding Centre will definitely have a positive impact on our School community,” says Terry.

“Students will be able to stay on campus and access a range of facilities to ensure that they have the best possible chance of success.”

Computershare’s CEO and President Stuart Irving is looking forward to the Change A Life Boarding Centre officially opening this November.

“Supporting World Youth International through our Change A Life giving program gives Computershare employees a great opportunity to band together to improve the lives of children living below the poverty line,” says Stuart Irving.

“I look forward to visiting the World Youth International School in November formally to open the Boarding Centre and witness first-hand how Computershare’s support has improved the quality of education for vulnerable children in Nepal. I am certain the centre will provide a fostering environment where children can learn and be empowered to succeed. Change A Life focuses on projects that provide long-term solutions to communities that need support, and we are proud of the progress made at the World Youth International School.”

The World Youth International School was opened in Nepal on 14 September 1999, with the purpose to train local teachers and provide a rich, dynamic education for its students. Situated in the Gokarna region, the school provides children with a quality education through shared cultural teachings and experiences.

Nepal was chosen because at the time, it had the third lowest literacy rate in the world. Approximately 87% of women and 70% of men were illiterate. When the school first opened, there were 24 children enrolled.

Thanks to the support of generous donors, such as Computershare, the school now caters for students up to year 12 and currently has 650 students attending the school. The current average grade pass is 96%, making it one of the top-rated schools in Nepal.

Stay tuned to hear all about the official opening of the Change A Life Boarding Centre!


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