Thank you to our fantastic Team Leader Toni Trever, for her guidance and leadership on the recent Nurses in Action programs held in Kenya!

The program in June was attended by 12 volunteers, bringing with them abundant nursing and allied health experience to the small community of Odede. A large group in comparison to others in recent years meant that for this wonderful team everything was big - turnouts, medical camps, hours in healthcare provision, students educated, children entertained, smiles, laughs, dance parties and big bowls of green grams to keep them sustained.

“If you ask any one of the team, or the hundreds of lives they touched, I’m sure they’d all describe it in the same way - incredible. One word to describe one month, because honestly, I am speechless otherwise.” Toni Trever

Thank you to Brigitte, Darcy, Georgia, Heidi, Helen, Kim, Kris, Leandra, Miranda, Naomi, Sarah, Stacey, Jeneane and Toni!

The August program was attended by 8 volunteers; 6 nurses and 2 midwives. They had big shoes to fill and boy did they deliver. Arriving to Odede with bags bursting at the seams with medical donations for Mama Ann’s Odede Community Health Centre, they delivered them the only way they knew how - Kenyan style!

The team attended their first medical camp where they saw over 280 patients. These patients had travelled far and wide to attend for treatment of malaria, cold and flu symptoms, burns and hypertension to name a few. The team worked tirelessly to provide each patient with correct observation, assessment and management of their illness. With cooler than average temperatures on the day, it made for a beautiful day out by the beach! While on the program, the volunteers also provided worming treatment to over 150 local people at Kadiala Beach as well as assisted in the delivery of a new baby girl.

In total, the team:

  • assisted 422 patients across two medical camps
  • educated 150 primary school students
  • visited 43 patients in the community
  • cuddled 32 orphaned children
  • delivered 8 babies
  • managed to convince 2 of their fellow volunteers that heading back to university to study Midwifery would be a brilliant idea!

Well done to the Volunteers - Aoife, Brianna, Emma, Georgia, Julie, Karen, Kate, Orla, Jeneane and our wonderful Team Leader Toni!

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