Charity Healthcare Heartbeat are proud to partner with immersive retreats & experiences organisation Discover a New Path, to further support the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare and emergency services workers.

The pressures on our healthcare sector have reached unprecedented levels, impacting the wellbeing of vital healthcare and emergency service workers across the nation. One of the key issues is the increased burnout experienced by many workers. To prevent and counteract the repercussions of burnout, healthcare workers need to have access to opportunities that allow them to recharge their bodies and minds, and develop tools to be better equipped to deal with the challenges they face daily.

Discover A New Path is operated by Facilitator Alyce Seneca, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Cacao Ceremonialist.

“Our retreats & experiences encourage participants to step out of the ordinary, connect with their inner nature and discover a world of new perspectives,” shares Alyce.

“We incorporate local culture and off the unbeaten track locations while also embracing nature and spirituality in our journeys. Connecting with your inner nature can improve mental health outcomes, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood, reduced symptoms of depression, improved cognitive function, and increased resilience.”

Through Healthcare Heartbeat, Pulse Members will have access to Discover a New Path’s multiple programs. This includes the Cacao Ceremonial Journey; a transformative 2.5 hour self-care experience designed to release stress and promote holistic wellbeing. During the Cacao Ceremony, participants can acknowledge and address uncomfortable emotions with acceptance and self-compassion. This program offers numerous benefits, including a safe space for reflection, increased presence, and reduced stress.

In addition to the Cacao Ceremonial Journey, the ‘Find Your Centre’ half-day retreat within SA will be offered. This retreat will combine various practices all aimed at supporting the transition from a “fight or flight” sympathetic state to a restorative “rest and digest” state.

For those seeking a more profound and transformative experience, tailored three to four day Wellness Retreats in SA, QLD, or Bali will also be offered for groups, so that participants have the opportunity to disconnect from the demands of daily life and reconnect with oneself.

Gabbi Ocenasek, Healthcare Heartbeat Partnerships & Marketing Director officially welcomes Discover A New Pathon board our platform of Pulse Providers.

“We are thrilled Discover A New Path has joined Healthcare Heartbeat’s Pulse Network,” says Gabbi.

“Healthcare Heartbeat unites businesses who offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers. Discover A New Path is one of these businesses that understands the unique challenges that this workforce experiences. Alyce of Discover A New Path aligns with our notion that 'not one size fits all' when it comes to the sustainable wellbeing of our workforce. The programs she can offer our Pulse Members and Participants can be tailored to suit individuals and groups based on their requirements while still ensuring an impactful and sustainable experience.”

Through Healthcare Heartbeat, businesses and individuals across the healthcare sector can access a range of mental fitness training, self-development courses, mentoring, meal delivery services, and now, Discover A New Path’s retreats and experiences.

A portion of Membership fees are contributed as a tax deductible donation to our charity, towards building the mental fitness of Healthcare Heartbeat sponsored healthcare & emergency services workers. This means that not only are your supporting your own or your team's mental health, but also 'giving back' to the wider community in the process.

To explore Healthcare Heartbeat Pulse Memberships and Discover A New Path programs, email: [email protected].


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