Healthcare Heartbeat are proud to welcome bootcamp and fitness holiday organisation Athletica to their Pulse Network, which will further support the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare and emergency services workers.

Athletica is operated by Facilitator Rob Coad; a Strength & Conditioning Coach with a diverse background in various fields. Working with Athletica, he curates active travel experiences and team building programs for corporate and sporting groups, focusing on helping individuals achieve their peak performance. Additionally, he has expertise in outdoor military-inspired fitness programs and low-impact functional exercise programs for individuals with injuries and restrictions.

Regular exercise can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Taking time for regular exercise is good for mental health because it promotes the release of mood-enhancing chemicals, reduces stress and anxiety, improves cognitive function, and provides social connections. Regular physical activity can contribute to a positive mindset and overall mental well-being.

Through Healthcare Heartbeat, Pulse Members will have access to Athletica’s multiple programs. This includes the ‘Outdoor Bootcamp Program’; a 4-week program that is great for physical improvement but also creates positive relationships, promoting mental resilience and well-being. ‘Low impact functional exercise sessions; LIFE’ is another 4-week program designed for members with injuries or beginner fitness levels to increase self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing.

For those members that are not based in SA, Athletica is offering Virtual Workout sessions. These sessions will be facilitated by a qualified professional that can tailor a program to the individual requirements to enjoy the mental health benefits that physical exercise can create.

For those seeking a more intense and transformative experience, Healthcare Heartbeat Pulse Members can offer Active Adventures and Fitness Holidays that are a great mix of hiking and outdoor fitness for all levels and is the perfect way to get in shape while enjoying the beauty of nature. These adventures offer more than just exercise; these sessions emphasis teamwork, allowing participants to be connected to other participants and with nature while working towards fitness goals. Active Adventures and Fitness Holidays can be held from 1 to 4 days in SA, TAS, or NZ.

Gabbi Ocenasek, Healthcare Heartbeat’s Partnerships & Marketing Director officially welcomes Athletica on board our platform of Pulse Providers. “We are thrilled Athletica has joined Healthcare Heartbeat’s Pulse Network,” says Gabbi.

“Healthcare Heartbeat unites businesses that offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers. Athletica is one of these businesses that understands the unique challenges that this workforce experiences. Rob of Athletica shares Healthcare Heartbeat's belief that "not one size fits all" when it comes to the sustainable wellbeing of our workforce. The programs that he can offer our Pulse Members and Participants can be tailored to suit individuals and groups based on their requirements while still ensuring an impactful and sustainable experience.”

Through Healthcare Heartbeat, businesses and individuals across the healthcare sector can access a range of mental fitness training, self-development courses, retreats, meal delivery services, and now, Athletica’s fitness experiences.

A portion of Membership fees are contributed as a tax-deductible donation to our charity, towards building the mental fitness of Healthcare Heartbeat sponsored healthcare & emergency services workers. This means that not only are you supporting your own or your team's mental health, but also 'giving back' to the wider community in the process.

To explore Healthcare Heartbeat Pulse Memberships and Athletica’s programs, visit: or email [email protected] to learn more.

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