Healthcare Heartbeat are proud to partner with national meal delivery service FoodSt to support the nutrition and lifestyle of healthcare and emergency services workers.

Workplace burnout from increased shifts, overexertion and overtime due to staff shortages is impacting the lives of healthcare and emergency services workers everywhere. To alleviate re-percussions of this burnout, it is important workers have a balanced and nutritious diet as a means to support their wellbeing and endurance.

FoodSt meals are a convenient and nutritious way to ensure workers have healthy home-cooked meals to support energy levels, increased workloads and longer shifts. The ready-made meals are also a great way to encourage healthy eating amongst the family, when time is lim-ited for cooking.

Healthcare Heartbeat unites businesses who offer mental health and wellbeing services tailored for healthcare and emergency services workers. Through Healthcare Heartbeat, healthcare and emergency services workers can access a range of mental fitness training, self-development courses, mentoring, retreats and fitness experiences, and now FoodSt meal delivery services.

“I started FoodSt to empower and enable people through the goodness of authentic home cooked meals. We not only empower busy people by providing them with access to high qual-ity, nutritious home cooked meals, we also empower our cooks to earn an income and share their wonderful cultures and cuisines with others. We have identified that it is not always fea-sible for shiftworkers to create these meals themselves due to lacking the time and mental ca-pacity that comes along with meal-prepping and grocery shopping, which is why we are sup-porting Healthcare Heartbeat. We aim to support as many people as we can through our ser-vice,” shares Lorraine Gnanadickham, Founder & CEO of FoodSt.

Healthcare Heartbeat is so grateful to have FoodSt on board our platform of providers sup-porting Australian healthcare and emergency services workers.

“We’re so appreciative of the partnership we have formed with FoodSt and their generosity towards our charity. We couldn’t be more grateful to have FoodSt standing by us, in our jour-ney to support this vital workforce, and help alleviate burnout and anxiety,” acknowledges Gabriella Ocenasek, Partnerships and Marketing Director, Healthcare Heartbeat.

FoodSt is one of the businesses within the growing 'Pulse Network' that understands the unique challenges that healthcare and emergency services workers experience. By purchasing a Healthcare Heartbeat's Pulse Membership, you have a unique offering for your employees, to show you are invested in their mental health/wellbeing and recognising that 'not one size fits all' when it comes to the sustainable wellbeing of your workforce. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Learn more about Healthcare Heartbeat here.

Visit FoodSt’s website here.

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