World Youth International is aligning with the global campaign, International Year of the Nurse & Midwife, with a series of exciting initiatives throughout 2020 to celebrate.

These initiatives include:

  • Launching our Nurses In Action program in the UK. From February 2020, qualified Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists from the UK will be able to apply for our Nurses In Action program on a dedicated platform.

  • Expanding our Nurses In Action program to other countries. While our programs currently provide primary healthcare services to people living in remote communities within Nepal and Kenya, we will be providing opportunities for our Volunteers to also travel to educate, empower and inspire change in other countries across the globe.

  • Introducing our official Nurses In Action Ambassador. We are partnering with an inspirational Nurse who will be working closely with us to further develop and expand our programs as well as empower our Volunteers, ensuring we can continue to make a positive and sustainable difference to the vulnerable communities we work within.

  • Joining the global celebrations on International Day of the Nurse on 12 May. There will be opportunities to engage with us and join in the celebrations.

  • Launching a new Health Campaign “Caring for Life”. Targeted education information and assets will be created and rolled out over the 12 months for our Volunteers to make a deeper impact to the communities they are working within. We are empowering our Volunteers to share knowledge and assets to other health professionals in Kenya and Nepal, and host education sessions that aim to educate on relevant topics that can make a positive and sustainable difference to people that would not otherwise be able to access this information.

  • Partnering with other nursing and health organisations. Our supporters are incredibly generous advocates of our mission and vision, ensuring we can continue to enhance quality of life, strengthen communities and reduce poverty through sustainable development projects in Nepal, Kenya and on a global scale. We are opening up our Partnerships Program and will be offering a variety of ways for nursing and health organisations to partner with us to develop unique and mutually beneficial campaigns. We pride ourselves on working closely on projects that are tailored specifically to align with the organisation’s objectives and corporate social responsibility values.

  • Increasing our brand awareness. We will be travelling throughout Australia to be involved in various conferences and events to spread the word about how Australians can embrace a unique, powerful and immersive Volunteer experience by joining our programs.

Stay tuned for all these exciting initiatives as they launch throughout the year!

Find out more here:

Hear directly from our Nurses In Action Volunteers about how we are making an impact in Nepal, providing access to healthcare for vulnerable communities.

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