Due to constant financial struggles and psychological stress, receiving a quality education seems like a far-fetched dream for many children in Nepal. However due to the continuous support and development of the World Youth International School in Gokarna, Nepal, we have been able to celebrate the achievements and success of students that have attended the School.

Bhumika was 12 years old, studying year 8, when her father gained employment at the World Youth International School. He moved the family to live in Gokarna to be closer to the School, where Bhumika also completed her education.

“To this day the memories that I made during my time at the World Youth International School fills my heart with warmth and shaped me into who I am today. I learnt about compassion, love, kindness, and understood how a little push from a helping hand can lift people up; how the things that we perceive as small and unimportant can actually mean so much to someone else. Being a student at World Youth International School provided me with lots of exposure to the outside world. My grades were constantly improving and I was really motivated to learn English. Along with my academic subjects, my school inspired me to also pursue music, dance, meditation and art. My teachers provided me with a great deal of knowledge, especially our chairperson Radhika Ma’am, who showed me what a really empowered woman can achieve.”

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies at a University In Nepal, Bhumika taught English, Social Studies and Dance at World Youth International School.

"During my schooling in Nepal, I met many amazing people who really inspired me to do something noteworthy with my life. I wanted to further my education, see the world and explore how other cultures lived.”

In 2018, Bhumika had the opportunity to move to Adelaide to study IT and Business Analytics as well as work at World Youth International’s head office. At first, Bhumika felt quite nervous working in an office, in a different country, while speaking a secondary language at, however she now looks back and sees the change and growth in herself. She feels really blessed to have always been surrounded by people who have supported her and helped her move forward, and credits her success to the World Youth International School.

“Growing up with World Youth International helped me realise that even in this world filled with chaos, there are people who are filled with positive energy, and those people will go to great extent to bring a smile on someone’s face. Today I constantly try to better myself and become that person who makes a difference in someone else’s life.”

“World Youth International has influenced many lives and empowered many individuals who are continuing to move forward towards a brighter future. Even in today’s era, in Nepal, education still isn’t seen as a basic right and need. Many children with so much potential are lagging behind due to this mentality. However, I can see that the World Youth International School has been instrumental in changing the face and perception of the community.”

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