While many people have bid 2019 farewell, and are currently on holidays, the A-League season kicks on throughout the next few months! Although being the busiest time of the year for Brisbane Roar FC’s goalie Jamie Young, he took a few moments to reflect on the past year, and how those experiences impacted what is most important to him as he begins this New Year!

While there were many exceptional moments throughout 2019, one of his highlights was being involved in the inaugural Jamie Young Cup with World Youth International. Jamie travelled to Nepal during the off-season where he was able to use soccer as a vehicle to bring people together and improve the lives of children who attended the World Youth International School. Jamie had been involved with a couple of charities over the years, including World Youth International, and had always heard that Nepal is quite a fascinating place. He was drawn to the opportunity to be involved in the 3-day soccer tournament at the School in Nepal, where over 35 schools participated.

“The people in Nepal don’t have the same material possessions as most westerners so sports such as soccer gives them a sense of belonging and acceptance with their peers. It gets them exercising as well and gives them a bit of competition, the young kids love that. Soccer is a great outlet for children everywhere to express their emotions, learn team work and social skills, and build their confidence,” Jamie said.

While Jamie’s main priority at the moment is getting through the rest of the A-League season, his other goals to embrace this New Year are:

Meditate Every Day:

“I try and meditate every day and I feel this is something that centres me for the day as well as the thoughts that I have around my life. It allows me to slow down and take a moment to appreciate and be kind to myself.”

Be Grateful:

“Every day I try to be thankful for the good things in my life. This allows me to appreciate what I have versus what I don’t. It helps boost my happiness and provides perspective.”

Spread Happiness:

“I try to do something at least once a day to help someone feel good about themselves. This could mean taking the time out to have a conversation with someone, check up on friends and family, or give a stranger a smile. It’s amazing what people can learn when they listen to their family, friends, or even partners. It can sometimes take a lot of time and effort but the positive is that they feel they that their voice is heard and that is important for everyone’s happiness. I believe that making time for others is one of the most valuable things one can give.”


“I always say to myself to read 4 pages of a book today because I will end up reading 10 pages. Have the intention of learning something new every day. Knowledge and lifelong learning are so important to me.”

Accept Mistakes:

“I am heavily harsh on myself as a person. So I have to continually remember to be kind to myself and remember that I am a human being and that I will make mistakes. Take these mistakes as an opportunity to improve and grow.”

Watch Jamie discussing his adventure in Nepal on Fox Sports!

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