Earlier this year, 30 students and 6 teachers from the World Youth International School in Nepal participated in a two day workshop “LEAP - The Art of Learning” facilitated by our Chairperson Georgie Evangelou. This interactive workshop focused on building students’ confidence and self-awareness, understanding different learning styles, the connections between the brain and learning, developing a growth mindset, reading skills, writing skills, essay writing, problem solving skills, improving memory and several study techniques. There were several creative, interactive games such as building the tallest tower with the spaghetti marshmallow challenge! There was also time to reflect on personal aspirations on Ikigai”, the Japanese concept that means “A reason for being” (The things that makes one’s life worthwhile!)

Georgie was highly impressed in how engaged the students were with the school as well as their drive to succeed with their upcoming studies:

“What a privilege to roll out the LEAP Workshop, The Art of Learning at our World Youth International School. So impressed by the capabilities of our Year 10 students, their energy and their spirit. Thank you to Radha Uprety, Nirajan Sedhai, Uttam, Rakesh and Kavita and all the wonderful teachers who work so incredibly hard to sustain the school for so many local children who may not otherwise get the gift of an education”.

The school already has an impressive record in student academic success. It appears this continues to snowball! As one example most recently, congratulations to Pratisha for securing 1st place in Nepali subject among 266 students from 11 schools in the School Leaving Certification examination held across the country! Congratulations Pratisha.

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