Developing countries such as Nepal and Kenya are struggling more than ever as a result of the pandemic. Many of us, particularly our health professionals, recognise the extra help these vulnerable communities need and are keen to travel as soon as it's possible. Over the past few months, we have continued to receive new applications for our Nurses In Action programs. This really highlights the generosity, strength, and courage of nurses everywhere.

Kasia is a Perioperative Nurse currently studying a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine who recently applied for our Nurses In Action program. She is hoping to travel to Kenya next August. Kasia kindly took some time in between her busy shifts and studies to share with us why she got on board with Nurses In Action, particularly during a pandemic, and what she is most looking forward to on her experience.

What motivated you to commit to a Nurses In Action program during a global pandemic?

I was lucky enough to spend some limited time in Africa a few years ago. The people, the food, the country was so amazing. Unfortunately, so many of those that live within this beautiful continent don’t have the same access to healthcare as we do in Australia. The impact of covid-19 has further hindered this access and the assistance they receive. If I could help in even the slightest way, especially now with the added stresses of the coronavirus, I definitely can’t deny that it would be a personally life-changing experience.

What inspired you to pursue a career in nursing?

Having spent over 10 years in Marketing/IT Projects, I decided I wanted to change careers to work in a field that made me feel I could ‘give back’. Before I committed to nursing, I found myself working at a hospital in an admin role, and my first project was implementing a rostering system in a hospital setting. Over the years the theme of working on healthcare-related projects seemed to persist. So I decided to apply for a Nursing degree. I moved back in with my parents and worked and studied full time for the next three years. Public health and universal access is of incredible interest to me. The fact that in this day and age, even in first world countries, there are people that don’t have access to fundamental healthcare is mind blowing. Through nursing, I hope to make a difference, even in a small way, along my journey. I love what I do and enjoy the constant learning and challenging environment whilst I transition into this rewarding career. I embrace the privilege and ability to meet and help so many different people from so many different walks of life, to listen to their stories, and to help them through some of their most challenging times.

How did you hear about World Youth International?

When deciding to pursue a career in nursing, my main reason was to give back, and try to help in alleviating inequities locally and around the globe. Whilst studying, I saw an advertisement for World Youth International at university. As I was working and studying full time then, I wasn’t able to make it work. However over the past few months, World Youth International keeps popping up, so I am taking it as a sign that now is the time to go on their Nurses In Action program!

What are you most looking forward to on your upcoming adventure?

I am most looking forward to learning about a culture so different to my day to day one, and the opportunity to hopefully be able to change one person’s day for the better.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or other interests?

I love spending time with my 7 year old Jack Russell. His personality and companionship keeps me outdoors hiking, beach walking and exploring my surrounds during most of my time off.

Have you been impacted by the pandemic?

I have been fortunate enough to not be overly impacted by the pandemic professionally. However on a more personal level, my family is interstate, so it has been difficult not being able to visit them. This is possibly the longest I’ve gone without seeing my mum, I miss her <3

Thank you Kasia - we loved learning all about you, and can't wait for you to be reunited with Africa, doing what you love!

If you’re also passionate about giving back, and want to plan future trips, particularly when some of the communities we work within will need more support than ever, consider signing up in advance to the Nurses In Action program. Our programs will run again as soon as travel restrictions ease.

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