Every year, World Humanitarian Day pays special tribute to the real-life heroes who have committed their lives to helping others in the most extreme circumstances throughout the world. Our very own real-life hero is Helen Zahos, Emergency Nurse and Paramedic who has volunteered in disaster areas around the world. Read her experiences with humanitarian aid work!

This year’s pandemic has been the biggest challenge to humanitarian operations around the world. Developing countries like Nepal and Kenya are struggling more than ever. There is limited government funding that is being distributed to health facilities in these countries creating major barriers for the healthcare sector.

As the pandemic continues to impact the globe, there are many impoverished communities, particularly in Kenya and Nepal, that World Youth International have worked with for over 10 years who will not be able to recover without our help. Disasters such as this affect us all; but those living in poverty are always the most vulnerable as it makes it even harder for them to break the cycle. If we can’t help these communities gain access to healthcare, who will?

Many nurses recognise the extra help these vulnerable communities need and are keen to travel as soon as it's possible to lend a hand. World Youth International have continued to receive new applications for our Nurses In Action programs over the last few months and over 85% of existing applications have simply postponed their travel plans rather than cancelling altogether. This is really positive for us, but also highlights the generosity, strength and courage of nurses everywhere. Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health really are #RealLifeHeroes.

Our thoughts are with the millions of health professionals worldwide, in particular our past, present and future Nurses In Action volunteers. We thank you for your ongoing passion and committment!

If you’re passionate about supporting others and want to plan future trips, particularly when some of the communities we work within will need more support than ever while the world is recovering, consider signing up in advance to the Nurses in Action Program.

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