We are so excited to now be featured on charityBay, which is an accessible, easy to use online marketplace that helps you convert your unwanted valuable items into cash donations. Proceeds from your sold items are then directed to your charity of choice, allowing non-profit organisations such as World Youth International to continue providing access to basic services such as healthcare and education to vulnerable communities through sustainable development projects.

Almost daily, we are greeted by valuable items that have been thrown outside or left in hard waste collection areas, or even have useful pieces that we no longer need, lying around our homes and gathering dust. charityBay is helping solve this problem, while helping everyday Australians become everyday heroes by giving back to the causes they care about.

"We believe in bridging the gap between those who wish they could help, and those who do” Haidar & Mateo – co-founders of charityBay.

Not only is charityBay providing a means to help those in need, but they’ve created an online space to find unique and useful items for buyers who want them. By finding these items a new home, we can help increase an items lifespan and reduce hard waste. These acts of ‘giving’ to registered Australian charities are also tax deductible.

charityBay have already saved over 1100 items from heading to landfill, and have sent cheques to over 55 charities from these sales. Those cash donations are equivalent to 2 full of years of schooling for a child in Australia. Imagine what it could do for the impoverished communities we work within in Kenya and Nepal? They need our help more than ever due to the impact of the pandemic. The longer we ground our international volunteer program Nurses In Action, the longer our vulnerable communities go without vital healthcare services and support. It is our commitment to get our programs up and running again as soon as travel restrictions ease and support these communities in need.

charityBay aim to create 'The new era of giving back', and we can all be a part of it!


By downloading the charityBay app here, and selling and buying with a purpose to support World Youth International. Remember to select World Youth International as your 'charity of choice' when donating your items! Click here to visit our profile on charityBay.

We thank charityBay for their innovation in creating such a worthwhile platform to facilitate the act of giving when the world needs it most.

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