As you are all aware, measures to manage the spread of the Coronavirus are now being enforced globally and we are following suit.

We have personally assisted all our Australian volunteers who were abroad on our programs to make it home. They are all now home safely and undergoing their 14 days of quarantine.

We are postponing all future Nurses In Action/Global Adventurers volunteer programs indefinitely until the travel ban has been lifted. We will be offering all volunteers travelling on programs in 2020 the option to postpone their trip for up to 18 months at no cost.

We acknowledge and thank all the nurses and health professionals around the world who are at the front line of the pandemic. Your courage, strength and kindness is indispensable. We are thinking of you all, and send love in particular to all the past Nurses In Action Volunteers who have been part of our family over the last decade.

It’s a difficult time for everyone right now. At World Youth International, our core work is supporting poverty-stricken communities to build income-generating activities and resilience, as well as giving volunteers opportunities to help support this work and provide direct capacity building and support for those in need of health care. The longer we ground our programs, the longer our vulnerable communities go without vital healthcare services and support. It is our commitment to get our programs up and running again as soon as feasibly possible and support these communities in need. At this time, we must all band together and get through the coming months.

If you’re passionate about supporting others and want to plan future trips, particularly when some of the communities we work within will need more support than ever while the world is recovering, consider signing up in advance to our Global Adventures Program (GAP) or our Nurses in Action Program (NIA). You can plan ahead for the journey of a lifetime in 2021!

There are 2 key advantages of applying early:

  • You receive today's advertised price guaranteed not to increase.
  • We can set up an INTEREST FREE monthly payment plan so you can pay off your program in small monthly amounts from your bank account.

Click here to find out more, so you can support and inspire positive change where it’s most needed!

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