We are very excited to be announced as winners in the 2020 Workplace Giving Australia Giving Excellence Awards, for the 'Most Innovative Charity and Employer Partnership' category with Computershare. This category was sponsored by the Australian Government, Department of Social Services.

A registered charity based in Adelaide, we have facilitated meaningful volunteer opportunities for more than 3,800 Australians, and provided access to basic services such as healthcare and education for more than 40,000 vulnerable people across the globe. Computershare are global leaders in their field, employing over 12,000 people in around 90 offices worldwide. They deliver market leading solutions for high integrity data management, high volume transaction processing and reconciliations, payments and stakeholder engagement. With a strong focus on delivering certainty, ingenuity and advantage to their clients, they promote an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to service excellence. Computershare ‘give back’ through their charitable foundation, Change A Life (CAL). Computershare funds CAL through voluntary payroll deductions by employees which they match dollar for dollar.

We have been awarded 'Most Innovative Charity and Employer Partnership' for Computershare’s five-year commitment, targeting their funds towards the World Youth International School in Nepal.

Computershare have an engaged workforce who are committed to making a positive difference to their global community. By supporting World Youth International, they have been able to offer employees many opportunities to see first hand where their donations are going through unique experiences. Participants of the Change A Life (CAL) workplace giving program are eligible to apply for a trip of a lifetime, Trek Nepal, which is a 6 day hike through the Annapurna Mountain Ranges in the Himalayas. The Trek ends with a tour of our School where they are officially welcomed and thanked,” highlights Terry Hoey, General Manager of World Youth International.

I dedicate this award to Computershare and their culture of ‘doing the right thing’, which impacts everything they do. As beneficiaries, we can see the continuous and genuine commitment of Computershare to help where and when it's most needed. This commitment was again highlighted recently. When the pandemic began to spread globally, Computershare were quick to reach out and ask whether World Youth International here in Adelaide, and our School community in Nepal, needed any additional assistance. We truly feel like we are achieving great success in fostering a strong partnership and promoting both our organisation’s values and objectives. Thank you Computershare, and thank you Workplace Giving Australia for this recognition. I am sure it will help us to continue our mission to educate, empower and inspire change at a time when the world needs it most!

Stuart Irving, CEO of Computershare, says: “I’m really proud of all our employees who participate in our workplace giving program and initiatives. Our Change A Life foundation focuses on projects that provide long-term solutions to communities, and the progress that the World Youth International School is making as a result of our support is really exciting to witness.”

The fifth annual Workplace Giving Excellence Awards recognise the most outstanding workplace giving programs across Australia.

I commend all the organisations that entered the Awards in what has obviously been a tough and challenging year. Congratulations to the 2020 Award winners – these organisations have prioritised this form of giving and are seeing the benefits to their organisations and of course to the charities they support,” congratulates Jenny Geddes, CEO of Workplace Giving Australia.

Over 200,000 Australians are currently involved in workplace giving and the number is increasing every year. However, there are only 5,382 companies actively involved in workplace giving out of more than 880,000 workplaces across the nation. I encourage more Australian businesses to get involved in this simple, yet highly effective form of giving.”

Hear from the Computershare team as they share their experiences about Trek Nepal 2019 - click to watch the video!

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