Many would say that 2020’s International Year of the Nurse and Midwife has been shadowed by the impacts of the coronavirus, but on the other hand, the timing could not have been better. The pandemic has demonstrated the generosity, strength and courage of nurses globally more than ever. But we shouldn’t dismiss that there is great sacrifice and challenges that our health professionals have needed to overcome, just to be able to do their jobs.

Kay is a past Nurses In Action Volunteer and an EEN, currently working in general practice in the frontlines of the pandemic in Victoria. One of the main concerns she has noticed is how many of her patients are living in fear of the coronavirus.

“A lot of the patients I see, particularly the elderly, are so afraid of covid-19 that they are scared to visit their GP. The hardest part for me is thinking of all the elderly that are home alone in isolation and hoping they are okay. Some of them have no one to care for them,” shares Kay.

Kay participated in the Kenyan Nurses In Action program for World Youth International in 2013.

“It was the most amazing experience ever. I loved the Kenyan people and my colleagues who I travelled with. The most memorable moments however was the time I spent with the children within vulnerable communities. I faced a lot of challenges, it was difficult seeing the conditions they were living in, but feel I came home a better person and appreciate what I have in life.”

We are so proud and in awe of Kay’s ongoing dedication and passion for her work. Our thoughts are with the millions of health professionals worldwide, in particular our past and future Nurses In Action volunteers. Stay safe <3

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