Governing Policies and Guidelines

World Youth International has created and adopted the following operating policies which are available for sighting by members on request, by contacting our office at [email protected].

  1. Assessment and Performance
  2. Anti Terrorism Policy
  3. Child Protection
  4. Child Protection Code of Conduct
  5. Code of Ethics
  6. Communication Guidelines
  7. Complaint Handling Procedure
  8. Conflict of Interest
  9. Confidential safe reporting
  10. Development
  11. Disability Policy
  12. Duty of Care
  13. Financial Risk Management
  14. Fundraising
  15. Gender, Environment and Human Rights
  16. Governance
  17. Hoey Foundation
  18. Policies Review
  19. Political and Evangelical
  20. Portrayal of Local People Guidelines
  21. Privacy
  22. Refund
  23. Transparency
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