Gokarna, Nepal was the site chosen to build the new school. It was always part of Robert’s vision to one day have a World Youth International School. It was decided to work with the Gokarna community as at that time the literacy rate was very low and in particular with girls. The memory of Robert had ignited the hearts of many people around the world and it wasn’t long before funds were raised to build the first stage of our school. In 1999 our preschool and primary school were opened. Over the years the school has grown and expanded to include a high school and soon will become a college. Even though Robert is no longer with us, his memory and spiritual presence inspires many of the students to reach their full potential in their studies and their own lives.

Over the past 19 years, the World Youth International School has now grown to be one of the best institutions in the northern Kathmandu Valley, providing high quality education for over 550 students. New techniques and principles on education are used to assist the students in becoming global thinkers, to explore their hidden potential and to appreciate the value of life. Our school has achieved this high standard through the commitment of our teachers , with the guidance and support of the late Buddha Pradhan, the Chairperson of our school, Radhika Uprety, our School Director Uttam Pathak and School Principal Nirajan Sedhai. We celebrate the success of our school and students as we see the impact that our teachers have on their lives and the transformation that parents see in their children. It is these successes that give us the energy, reminds us of our vision and keeps us all going.

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