The Odede Health Centre is a WYI initiative that brings crucial healthcare services to thousands of Kenyan people living in extreme poverty every year. It provides maternal and infant health care, HIV testing and support, and many other services. Hundreds of women give birth safely at the Health Centre each year, and community outreach programs provide education and basic medical services for schools and villages around the community of Odede.

Since opening its doors in March 2013, the Odede Health Centre has provided healthcare to over 35,000 people that live in extreme poverty. We have now delivered over 2000 babies safely, provided women with antenatal care, vaccinated thousands of children and have become an accredited provider of health insurance in Kenya which allows people living in poverty to access insurance and healthcare.

Our hospital has also been awarded 1st place for the standard of healthcare provided for childbirth deliveries by the Ministry of Health in Kenya.

Since the building of our hospital, World Youth International has introduced our Nurses in Action Program. It is a specialised, skilled volunteer program for qualified Allied Health Practitioners including nurses, doctors and midwives to travel to our hospital and work with the hospital staff. The objective of the program is the building local capacity in improving health services to rural communities and offering healthcare to communities living in extreme poverty who would not be able to access it otherwise.

Our nurses work in local medical clinics and hospitals as well as on Community Outreach Programs and Medical Camps, alongside local staff and community members.

Over the years we have also worked with the Odede community transforming it from a community that had been beaten down over the years to a community that is now bursting with hope after a realisation that change is possible. All the work that World Youth International does in Kenya would not be possible without the leadership of Fred Mito. Fred was originally introduced to World Youth International back in 1996 by Ann Hoey and together, we work towards implementing our vision:

Educate, empower, and inspire positive change within the global community through the legacy of Robert Hoey.

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