There are few of us who are not touched deeply in some way when we see a small child in distress. Some of us shake our heads in sadness at the imbalances, injustices and inhumanity which still confronts many of our children in our world today, resigning to thinking well “that’s just the way the world is”. However, many of us breathe deeply and connect with that place in our hearts which is our shared humanity. From this place comes the courage and commitment to bring about change.

With the completion of the first stage of our school, we were then asked to provide a home for the less fortunate displaced and underprivileged orphan children in our region in Nepal. Our commitment to these children saw the building of the Sapana Dreaming Children’s Home. The home was opened by the Australian Ambassador, Crispin Conroy and our Patron, Ms Joanna Giles in 2001.

Built in an environment of tranquillity, our home overlooks snow covered distant mountains, is surrounded by the beauty and greenery of a national park and has the Bagmati River flowing past its boundary. During the day, cows and goats graze on the surrounding hillside while overhead, eagles drift around in a protective overseeing manner. Sapana Dreaming has become home for up to 50 children. There has been many times when I have stepped back and admired the beauty of our achievements and the changes that are happening in our children’s lives.

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