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Since 1988, World Youth International has established major projects all over the world. One of our projects, the Odede Community Health Centre, provides a range of health care services to the community of Odede with a key focus on HIV services and maternal support.

Browse our Gift Guide and buy someone a gift that is special AND makes a real difference!

Purchasing gifts for loved ones through our site is one way you can show your support. You will discover a unique range of items available for purchase and all donations are fully tax deductible.

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Vulnerable Children's Day

The Health Centre's Vulnerable Children's Day provides vital education, healthcare, fun and games to children in the Odede community.

Medical Staff Uniforms

With limited funding for staff uniforms, help the Health Centre have a more professional image by purchasing new uniforms for our staff such as Evelyn, Odede Health Centre's Kitchen hand and cleaner.

Health Centre Bed linen

As the Health Centre grows, so does our need for more bedding and manchester for all patients. Purchase two sheets and a pillow case set today for a Health Centre bed and help make a patent's stay more comfortable.

Weekly Nutritious Meal

Each week the Health Centre hosts a HIV support group and it provides education, regular checkups and guidance. Lilian, Odede Health Centre's Kitchen Hand, provide a nutritious meal for every member in the group during these vital community information sessions.

10kgs of Maize Seedlings

Help Barack, Odede Health Centre's caretaker, continue to grow and maintain the organic vegetable garden with the purchase of maize seedlings, providing food for patients and reducing expenditure.

Community Workers Salary for 1 Month

Help our Health Centre employ community workers, like Amondi, who will engage with patients to provide invaluable health education and support. Assist the Health Centre by sponsoring a worker's salary for 1 month.

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