Happy Villages is working towards a world without extreme poverty. We use existing community structures to assist the poorest in the community and do so in an honest and accountable manner. We have Integrity. Honesty, transparency and accountability are at the heart of everything that we do. It's the inspiration to help, the determination to keep trying and the desire to have fun that makes us happy. We respect all people regardless of race, gender, religion, age and sexual preference. We have respect for the Earth and all living things.

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What we are about

Together we can create a world without extreme poverty, one happy village at a time.

What we do

It's much easier to create change when you focus your attention, so we operate at village level. We really get to know the communities, and they really get to know us.

Our Mission

To achieve a world without extreme poverty by using existing community structures to assist the poorest in the community in an honest and accountable manner.

Our Pledge

Sustainability is paramount, in our methods and resources, but also in assisting the Lieta community without creating a situation of dependency on foreign aid.


Permaculture is the development of sustainable and self- sufficient agricultural ecosystems. We focus on empowering locals through permaculture practices.

Happy Villages | NGO Registration Number: OP.218/051/2009/0180/582 | KRA PIN PO5 131 410 3J
P.O. Box 19573, Mega City, 40123 Kisumu, Kenya
Email: info@happyvillages.org | Web: www.happyvillages.org

Have a question?   (08) 8340 1266

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