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Hereare some of the projects that our volunteers have completed as part of the WYIOverseas Action Programs (OA). The OAP is a team program for 18 - 30 year olds which focuseson community development.Each project aims to build a structure which the community desperately needs, in the areas of Primary Health Care, Income Generation and Education & Training.

Odede Happy Goat Project

This project was initiated by a donation of goats from the amazing B1G1 Singapore, and the main goat house and compound was constructed by World Youth Volunteers in June/July 2011. The original compound consisted of four pens, each having 25 goats. There were also two pure breed Saanen does, 23 local goats and four pure breed Saanen bucks purchased for the breeding program.Click here to find out more!

June - August

Over a 10 week period we had 9 volunteers work on three amazing projects and make an enormous difference in three very poor communities.

Team Leader: Sarah Ghan


  • Pip Russell
  • Danielle Smyth
  • Kirby Smith
  • Georgia Oliver
  • Melissa Roberts
  • Deanna Polain
  • Katherine Kerr
  • Jo Katz
  • Katy Condliffe

Project 1: House Construction

The major project for this team was to construct the houses that were bought for families in Kenya through the WYI Gift Catalogue. The work was completed in three different villages in Western Kenya - Mutumbu, Odede and Hono - which all struggle with poverty and homelessness. The all girl group of volunteers were successful in building a total of 13 houses for families in desperate need. Many of the families consisted of women who had lost their husbands and were trying to raise their children on little income, if any. By constructing these small mud houses, the volunteers were able to make a huge difference to the future of these families and bring hope and happiness to the community.


Project 2: Rainwater Tank

Following the construction of the Early Childhood Development Centre by the last group of WYI volunteers, this group added a much needed rain water tank to the school. Access to clean water in Odede is not easily accessible and the children would come to school with nothing to drink for the day. This rainwater tank will provide a sustainable water supply for not only the children, but other members of the Odede community.

Project 3: Medical Healthcare Clinics

This team took it upon themselves to raise additional funds so they were able to implement an extra healthcare project into their program. By hiring local doctors and purchasing a large range of medication, the team ran 4 free healthcare clinics in different Kenyan communities. Each clinic was able to treat over 200 people for illnesses such as malaria. These clinics were extremely successful and provided medical attention to locals who would otherwise not have access to this basic need.


November - February

Over a 10 week period we had two groups of volunteers come in and work on two fantastic community development projects. They were in Kenya at a historic time - when Obama was inaugurated as President, and the team were able to spend the day in Obama's father's home village. Along with this incredible experience, they have been able to make an enormous difference in two very poor communities.

Team Leader: Adam Whitefield
Assistant Team Leader: Lucy Fraser

Participants: *

  • Daniel Matthews
  • Trudy Geard
  • Enoch So
  • Grant Boyle
  • Tania Stojanov
  • Emily Mackaway
  • Moira Nunn
  • Rachel Baker
  • Celia Boyd
  • James Wilson
  • Jackie Clingan
  • Lucy Glab
  • James Verney
  • Kimberly Simpson
  • Erin Van Krimpen

    Project 1: Community Resource Centre

    For the first half of the program, volunteers worked in the community of Mutumbu. The youth in this area are a particularly vulnerable group as many do not have the chance to receive a proper education. There is little for them to do once they leave school (if they go).

    The World Youth International volunteers worked to re-build the Mutumbu Community Centre to give these youth somewhere to learn new skills. The original building was on land owned by the Kenyan Government, and the Government sadly requested their property back. Because the centre has such a crucial role in helping the community we wanted to help them construct a building to continue their fantastic work in!

    Now that it has been constructed by our volunteers, the community centre is able to provide education in basic literacy and numeracy for children who have not had the opportunity to go to school, and they also teach health and safe sex practices. It is a crucial part of Mutumbu and we are very happy to have helped them continue this work.


    Project 2: Early Childhood Development Centre

    The community of Odede is very rural and quite isolated, with most of the families living a very agriculturally focused life. In this particular village, there was no education available for the young children, as it is quite a long walk to the nearest town with a school.

    The World Youth volunteers worked to build an Early Childhood Development Centre (Nursery School) to offer basic formal education for children in their pre-school years. It will target about 100 or more children which are currently unable to attend school until 8 or 9 years old due to a long walking distance to schools.

    There is a local teacher who is already working with children at the school now that it is built, and community members have agreed to make voluntary contributions to her salary. This facility will enable the children to have a strong foundation for their learning and growth and will help launch them into higher education to give them a greater chance of finishing school!



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