Nurses in Action

We empower women all over the globe through education and access to safe and affordable healthcare. We couldn?t do it without our nurses!

The Nurses in Action Program is a specialised, skilled volunteer program for qualified Allied Health Practitioners. Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Counselors, Paramedics, and more health professionals have joined this program.

The NIA Program runs in Kenya and Nepal with the objective of building local capacity in improving health services to rural communities (such as at the Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya), and offering healthcare to communities living in extreme poverty who would not be able to access it otherwise (such as earthquake-affected communities in Nepal).

NIA Volunteers work in local medical clinics and hospitals as well as on Community Outreach Programs and Medical Camps, alongside local staff and community members.

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NIA NepalNIA Kenya

Nurses in Action

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* As a charity we also talk about fundraising as well as program costs. In addition to your $2295 program fee, you will be required to raise $2,200 to support the community development work of your program and WYI's global projects, to ensure we can create lasting positive change.

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