Kenya is located on the East Coast of Africa with the Equator running almost straight through the middle of the country. The country shares common borders with Somalia (north east), Ethiopia (north), Sudan (north-west), Uganda (west) and Tanzania (south). To the south east lies the Great Indian Ocean, making the country the marine gateway to East Africa. Kenya is a land of scenic splendours, magnificent fauna and flora, enjoyable climatic conditions and rich cultural values.

Sadly, this beauty contrasts sharply with the country's high levels of poverty, gender inequality, homelessness and disease, particularly HIV and AIDS. Around 50% of the population live below the poverty line and natural disasters (like droughts) frequently put the lives of millions at risk. This is where members of our Overseas Action Program can make a lasting impact.

World Youth International offers two volunteer programs in Kenya:

Overseas Action Program

Nurses in Action Program

WYI works in partnership with local organisations, community groups and health clinics to offerteam volunteer placements thatpromote sustainable development initiatives.

In Kenya, WYI works with the following partners:


Happy Villages isa non-government, non-profit organisation based inUyoma, rural Western Kenya. They focus on working with villages to tackle extreme poverty in areas such as health, education and agriculture, and they work directly with local communities to plan and implement development projects. You can learn more about Happy Villages by visitingtheir website.

Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre

The Odede Health Centre is a WYI initiative that brings crucial healthcare services to thousands of people living in extreme poverty every year. It provides maternal and infant health care, HIV testing and support, and many other services. Hundreds of women give birth safely at the Health Centre each year, and community outreach programs provide education and basic medical services for schools and villages around Odede. Find out more.

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31st December 2015
OAP5 weeks$1,995
31st December 2015
NIA1 month$1,995
31st December 2015
OAP10 weeks$1,995
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