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Here are some of the projects that our volunteers have completed as part of the WYI Overseas Action Programs (OA). The OAP is a team program for 18 - 30 year olds which focuses on community development. Each project aims to build a structure which the community desperately needs, in the areas of Primary Health Care, Income Generation and Education & Training.

We had two programs running in Nepal over the 2008/2009 Christmas holidays and between them they were able to work on three major development projects in three rural villages. We are so proud of their incredible efforts!

5 week program

Team Leader: Natalie Mendez


  • Freya Berkhout
  • Isabel Wheeler
  • Madeline Collins
  • Sarah Powell
  • Christopher Chew
  • Francesca Trott
  • Oscar Burke
  • Naomi McClellan
  • Ineke Dootjes

    Project: 4 extra classrooms

    This project took place in the village of Chainpur; a very rural and isolated village over 3 hours out of Kathmandu. Chainpur is agriculturally focused, and many children living there are only able to complete primary school education as a local high school is not easily accessible. Therefore, many of the students do not have the opportunity to go to school after grade 6.

    World Youth International volunteers worked to complete 4 school classrooms at the Shee Birendra Lower Secondary School to allow for students to continue to grades 7 and 8. In the future the plan is to continue to expand the school to higher grades. This now means that there will be a higher rate of children continuing on to high school education within this village, and the future prospects for these children is now a lot brighter than before!


    10 week program

    Team Leader: Danielle Robst


    • Fionnuala Smallacombe
    • Cassandra Gregg
    • Meagan Brady
    • Jessica Jansen
    • Andrew Reimer
    • Andrew French
    • Nicola Wemyss
    • Linda Stevenson
    • Roisin Mortimer
    • Mitch Hicks
    • Jean Gador-Whyte
    • Owen Malonyay

    Project 1: Community Centre

    The project took place in the village of Panchkhal which is approximately a 2 hour bus ride from Kathmandu. The community of Panchkhal is very rural and quite agriculturally focused, and therefore faces the same plight of most rural villages in Nepal: poverty, poor education, lack of adequate healthcare and gender inequality.

    The children in the local school are a particularly vulnerable group and come from the lowest, even untouchable castes in Nepal. There is little for them to do once they leave school (if they go) and World Youth International wanted to provide these children with some further education options.

    The World Youth volunteers worked with the villagers to construct a community centre where the locals can come together to learn new skills, receive adult education classes and healthcare from visiting doctors. The centre will also provide a sheltered and professional place for them to have their milk produce tested and collected by the dairy factories rather than trying to sell themselves in the local markets.


    Project 2: Community Steps

    For the second half of the program, the group lived in the village of Gokarna. Gokarna is quite close to Kathmandu and is the site of the World Youth International School and the Sapana Children's Home.

    Within this village, there was a dangerous slope which the local villagers used regularly to transport their animals towards the river. During the monsoon season, this slope became particularly dangerous and made it very difficult for the locals or their animals to make it to the water source.

    The World Youth International volunteers worked incredibly hard to create stairs from the bottom of this slope right to the top. This was a time consuming and repetitive task, but the team did an amazing job to complete these stairs and give the villagers safety during the wet season.



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