Sponsor a child in Nepal

By sponsoring a child in Nepal you will provide them with the opportunity to attend the high quality facilities built by World Youth International.

The WYI School is situated in Gokarna, Nepal and the land for the school was donated by His Majesty the Late King Birendra Bikram Shah under the condition that it would never be sold. The school has over 500 students now, and about 60% of the students receive full sponsorship.

For more information on the WYI School Click here.

WYI's Sapana Dreaming Children's Home provides shelter, education, health care and a loving environment for up to 50 orphaned/vulnerable children. The Children's Home sits alongside the WYI School and offers a safe and happy environment for underprivileged children from all over Nepal. Children living in the Children's Home also receive their education at theWYI School.

For more information onWYI's Sapana Dreaming Children's HomeClick here.


Howsponsorship works

Ultimately, children receive a better life as the result of your sponsorship! The sponsored child is selected by members of WYI overseas staff and the community, in accordance with our established selection criteria. Sponsorship is transferred to the WYINepal Board where it is then used to support the development of the child. You can choose to sponsor a child solely for their schooling at the WYI School Nepal; or for their schooling plus accommodation and care at the WYI Sapana Dreaming Children's Home where it is ensured that the child has regular meals, clean water and access to adequate medical facilities and school supplies.

Sponsorship fees:

  • WYI School Nepal: $436 per year for primary school and $488 per year for high school.

A 10% administration fee is included in the cost of school sponsorship to ensure the ongoing accountability and integrity of our sponsorship program. Please note: Payments are fully tax deductible.

  • WYI Sapana Dreaming Children's Home Nepal: $1800 for full sponsorship, and $450 for part sponsorship. Your contribution will cover all of the child's needs for a full 12 months.
A 10% administration fee is included in the cost of the Sapana's home. CPI Increases apply on January 1st of each year, and all payments are fully tax deductible.

Your sponsorship fee includes:

  • a photo and details of your sponsored child
  • regular letters/drawings from the child
  • newsletters and updates on our organisation

In return we ask that you supply a family photo, fill out a personal details form and write a short letter to the child. Where possible, we ask that you sponsor the child for the duration of the project but if hardship prevails and you are unable to continue, we will find another sponsor.

How to sponsor a child!

If you are ready to proceed, you can sponsor a child today - Click Here to proceed to our online payment system.

If you are ready to proceed, you can sponsor a child today - Click Here to proceed to our online payment system.

Otherwise, if you would like more information, or have any queries please complete our our brief enquiry form and a staff member will contact you to discuss your sponsorship requirements.

Alternatively please phone the office on (08) 8340 1266.



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* As a charity we also talk about fundraising as well as program costs. In addition to your $2295 program fee, you will be required to raise $2,200 to support the community development work of your program and WYI's global projects, to ensure we can create lasting positive change.

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