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PROGRAM DETAILS - Prior to completing this form you must first determine which program you would like to apply for. If you have not yet chosen a program or if you have forgotten some of the details, please visit our programs page.
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REFERRAL TO WORLD YOUTH INTERNATIONAL - WYI operates with an extremely small promotions and marketing budget so we are very interested in hearing how you first heard about WYI and our programs.
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PAYMENT - Please specify how you would like to pay your $55 application fee. If it is by credit card, you can make the online payment instantly. For money order or cheque, please send to PO Box 25 Hindmarsh SA 5007. For BPAY or Direct Deposit, you will be provided the BPAY reference number or Direct Deposit details following your application. You will be required to make a payment within 7 days or your application will be cancelled. The application process will only continue once the payment is made.
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* As a charity we also talk about fundraising as well as program costs. In addition to your $2295 program fee, you will be required to raise $2,200 to support the community development work of your program and WYI's global projects, to ensure we can create lasting positive change.

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