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World Youth International Newsletter - July 2010

An update from WYI Board Members Ralph Hoey, Ann Hoey, Ben Shillito, Adam Whitefield and Jessica Roberts

Hello everyone!

What a start to the year it has been. Over the last 6 months, we have seen the completion of dozens of successful projects globally and locally, and we currently have three committed teams of young volunteers working to create positive change in Peru and Kenya. One of our recent local projects was the inaugural Personal Empowerment Program (PEP) which was held in Adelaide in May. PEP inspired over 70 participants to 'be the change' they wish to see in the world and the results were phenomenal. With so many passionate supporters of WYI, there is an incredible energy in the organisation, and we are excited about the possibilities that lay ahead!

Another exciting change that occurred at the beginning of the year was the restructuring of the Board of Directors. Our new team is excited to be working together to make the best possible contribution to the future of WYI. Each of us brings a unique set of skills to the table, a passion for WYI and the desire to be active in driving the organisation to the next level. We feel privileged to have this role and would love to take this opportunity to share some of our recent activity with you.

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Personal Empowerment Program Success!

Personal development training has been at the core of World Youth International since inception. Our training programs have been running for 20 years, and has launched hundreds of leaders into the world! The Personal Empowerment Program (PEP) is a project designed to educate, empower and inspire people to BE THE CHANGE they wish to see in the world. This annual event is predominately tailored to people who have recently returned from an overseas volunteer program. These participants have already had the opportunity to contribute to the world on a global scale, and PEP is designed to further facilitate their journey to feel empowered and inspired to bring about changes in their own life and act to change world.

Click here to read 2010 participant Aimee Pitt's first hand experience.


"Overseas Action Program Team Leaders"

- Jessica Stevens, Overseas Action Program Manager

I am pleased to announce the following wonderful people were selected as Team Leaders and are currently representing World Youth International. Mr Rob Weston and Ms Kate Williams are running our current Peru 5 week and 10 week programs. Ms Francesca Pagani is running our 5 week Kenya program, while Ms Kyla Raby is running the 10 week Kenya program. We wish them all the best and continued success on what have already been amazing projects.



- Cindy Angel,Team Leader

The Nov-Dec OAP in Cambodia was the first joint venture between Western Australia TAFE and WYI, supported by the Endeavour scholarship from AusAID and thanks to the incredible vision and tenacity of Mr Jamie Mackaway. Thirteen amazing volunteers (Kasanda, Hasan, Teleah, Brendan, Michelle, Gemma, Sarah, Sophie, Laura, Mario, Ymkje and Maxine) from four different skill disciplines (Nursing, Teaching, Drafting and Community Development) and two overly enthusiastic team leaders (Cindy and Simone), made up what is now and forever known as Team Cambaustra!

Click here to learn more about Team Cambaustra and the two amazing teams that followed them, Team Hands and Hearts and Monkey's in Jumpers!


WYI Gift Catalogue - making a difference!

Our third Gift Catalogue, released in September 2009, continues to provide vital supplies and resources for disadvantaged Kenyan and Nepalese families and communities.

Click here to read about the impact of the gift catalogue products throughout communities in Kenya and Nepal.



Trevor recently returned from an incredible 4 month stint in Kenya. He gives us as personal account of his time and project.

'Its been a busy 4 months in Kenya and my time here is finished for this trip and I return home tomorrow. My agricultural programme seems to be growing in the number of programmes we are running or planing and in participants which makes me happy. My friends at Siaya Seed Sacco have embraced the programme and have put Roseline on to run it full time, which is great. I have been working with Roseline for two and a half months and she is an ideal person for the job.'

Click here to read more about Trevor's incredible experience.


Jazz in the Park!

Many of you were disappointed to hear that this year's Jazz in the Park had been postponed. The ever increasing Adelaide February calendar forced WYI to reconsider the dates as we were in direct competition with Fringe, Womad and the Clipsal 500.

We are thrilled to announce that a new date has now been set! We welcome you to come and join us on Friday December 10 at Rymill Island for our 11th annual Jazz in the Park.

WYI has joined forces with Champion Events to bring you this year's JIP. WYI would like to acknowledge Champion Events for choosing to support World Youth International and assisting to take our event to a whole new level. Their experience and reputation in events management will be sure to make Jazz in the Park 2010 a night to remember.

Further information will be sent out over the coming months so pencil in the date and tell your friends!


Australian Central Lottery

 WYI was fortunate to again be a successful applicant for the annual Australian Central Community Lottery.

Australian Central sources all $280,000 worth of prizes and covers associated lottery costs. Recipient community groups, clubs and charities within South Australia therefore receive 100% of the proceeds!

Click here to read how we went!


"Step Out WA"

Step Out would like to welcome it's very first Western Australian team to the Step Out family!

Click here for an account of the first ever meeting in Perth and to find out their plans!


"By sponsoring children, we will change their lives for ever"

- Ralph Hoey, Operations Manager

Recently I travelled to Kenya, visited the World Youth International Owiti Children's Home and the many projects our people have been working on. It has been a while since I personally have been in Kenya so my visit back to the children's home gave me the chance to observe the changes that have taken place.

Click here to read more about Ralph's visit to Owiti's.


5 Nepalese children are in need of a sponsor!


We are pleased to announce that we have another 5 children that need immediate sponsorship. All sponsored children attend the World Youth International Primary School and all funds are distributed by WYI Australia and Nepal. A basic sponsorship package starts from just $360 per year (less than $7 per week). If the idea of sponsorship interests you click here to see who needs a sponsor!

We would also like to offer our congratulation to the students who achieved their distinctions and first division results at our school in Nepal. It is a very good achievement and is the second year in a row this has happened!


"Ugunja Community Resource Centre"

Have you volunteered at the Ugunja Community Resource Centre (UCRC) in Kenya? If so, Osiepe would like to hear from you.

Osiepe is an Australian group that supports the UCRC - a community development NGO that has been working to alleviate poverty at a village level in western Kenya for over 20 years. Many of the Osiepe supporters are past volunteers who have spent time in Ugunja and witnessed first hand the impact that UCRC are having in their community.

Established and run by local people, the Ugunja Community Resource Centre focus on addressing rural poverty. It is one of the few registered African NGO's that is headquartered in a village rather than a city, and as such, has developed an international reputation for community based grassroots intervention strategies. They provide or support a health clinic, a home based health care program, primary and secondary schools, an early childhood development centre, a library, computer training, a vulnerable youth program and a highly successful microfinance scheme. It also acts as an umbrella organization for more than 60 local community groups including women, children, youth, farmers and people with disabilities. The majority of its 50 workers are volunteers.

If you would like to find out more please contact us at osiepe@ugunja.org or call Richard Rome on 0402 238 224. We also have a Facebook group called 'Osiepe Australia'.


Marketing Position

This is an exciting opportunity to harness your expertise in marketing, fundraising and event management and make a powerful contribution to humanity.

We are seeking a passionate, creative and enthusiastic Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator to join our team. Based in Adelaide, this position will be responsible for driving our organisational growth through a diverse range of activities including the creation and implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns; the promotion of WYI through local and national media outlets, schools, universities and community networks; nurturing existing relationships and establishing new corporate partnerships; helping to co-ordinate major WYI fundraising events, and supporting the marketing and fundraising component of WYI's National Volunteer Program 'Step Out'.

Click here to read more.


WYI is participating in this year's Trailblazer event. This year the event is sponsoring Operation Flinders. We are looking for teams of four or more people to join us on this event. If you would like further information please click here, or call the office on 08 8340 1266 and speak with Ralph Hoey.

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