On April 25, Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Over 8000 people lost their lives and a further 19,000 have suffered serious injuries. Two weeks later, they were again rocked by a further 7.3 magnitude earthquake just as they were starting to see through the first. Millions have been displaced and families will now have to begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. It has been heartbreaking to witness what the people of Nepal have endured and the challenges they must now face.

To date, World Youth International has:

World Youth International School

In 1999, World Youth International opened Australia's first Primary/High School in Nepal in the village of Gokarna on the outskirts of Kathmandu. The school started with just 22 students and a handful of teachers. Today the school welcomes over 550 students and is recognised as one of Nepal's leading schools with an average grade pass rate of over 96%.

Earthquake Impact on Gokarna

Over 80% of Gokarna homes have either been destroyed or severely damaged from the earthquakes leaving families in a state of disarray. WYI has been requested by the community to help out 50 of the most needy children from their village. This request has inspired WYI to launch our latest campaign, '50 new sponsors in 50 days.'

How to sponsor a child!

It costs very little to provide a child with the gift of education. We ask you to consider signing up to become a WYI sponsor and help the children of Gokarna in their time of need.

Select the child you would like to sponsor from the photos below and click through the steps to confirm your application. You will then be contacted by WYI's Sponsorship Coordinator to finalise your sponsorship details.

Sponsorship fees:
WYI School Nepal: $411 per year for primary school and $460 per year for high school (Tax Deductible)

You will be given the option to include hot lunch for your sponsored child each day at school. This will cost an additional $155 per year.

A 10% administration fee is included in the cost of school sponsorship to ensure the ongoing accountability and integrity of our sponsorship program.

Your sponsorship fee includes:
- A photo and details of your sponsored child.
- Letters/drawings from the child.
- School reports.
- Newsletters and updates from World Youth International.

In return we ask that you supply a family photo, fill out a personal details form and write a short letter your sponsored child.

All communication between you and your sponsored child will be facilitated through WYI?s Sponsorship Coordinator.

It may take up to 3 weeks to finalise your sponsorship pack so we ask for your patience. WYI will aim to remove photos of the children as they receive sponsorship but there is a risk that 2 potential sponsors may choose the same child at similar times. If this does occur, you will be given the opportunity to make another selection.

It is important to understand that WYI seek sponsors for the long term rather than a one off contribution so please keep this in mind. We would love to have you with us long term!

Thank you for supporting World Youth International!


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