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The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a permanent and growing source of income to be available to World Youth International, to assist in fulfilling its principal purpose being:

"to provide overseas aid for the relief of people suffering poverty, distress, misfortune and helplessness in developing countries".

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Robert Hoey's Vision

Robert Hoey was a man who saw the world as it could be and not as it was. Robert at the age of 21 asked himself the hard question ...Why?

Why is there such imbalance in the world? Why do some children grow up in poverty and others in wealth? Why are some enslaved to long hours in the fields doing back breaking work while others live in a country where this would never be acceptable?

Why is a basic right such as education taken for granted in some countries while in others it is only available to the privileged few... and even then they are most often male? The "Why?" questions continued and yet soon gave way to questions of "How".

How can I help? How can I contribute in some small way to readdressing these imbalances? From the questions emerged some answers and World Youth International was born. Robert's heart was big and his plans and vision for the organisation even bigger.

Robert was an inspiration, a motivator and a visionary, He was the type of man who, from a very early age, showed a sense of empathy with his world and all within it. He was committed to education as a means of assisting young people reach their full potential and also as a way of reducing conflict, prejudice, poverty and imbalances in the world. He often spoke of building a school that would be dedicated to these ends.

Robert's vision ignited the hearts of many around Australia and the world. He was the guiding light of World Youth International up until his untimely death in February 1996. Robert was on a plane returning home to Australia from America when he died from meningitis. Robert was 28 years old.

Through the generosity of many and the belief in our organisation, World Youth International has continued on with Roberts vision and constructed and financially supports children through the:

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