Are you looking for an opportunity to be inspired? Are you wanting to be part of a community of like-minded people who are committed to making a difference in the world? Are you ready to feel more empowered in your day-to-day life, relationships and career?

Then check out World Youth International's Personal Empowerment Program!

What is the Personal Empowerment Program?

WYI's Personal Empowerment Program (PEP) is a four-day retreat which brings together like-minded people of all ages to share, connect, learn new skills and discover their passions and values. Conducted annually for the past 20+ years, this incredible program is the most inspirational, enjoyable and life affirming experience you will have all year.

PEP is a program like no other, and offers participants an opportunity to get away from their everyday. PEP is about exploring your values and uncovering your passions. It is about taking risks, working in teams, and overcoming barriers.

Led by a team of inspirational young leaders, qualified trainers, life coaches and health professionals, PEP is about sharing stories and connecting with passionate, like-minded people.

PEP will provide an opportunity for you to build your confidence, enhance your communication skills, and become a better leader. The friendships you form will be significant and lifelong.

A key feature of PEP is the chance to explore projects you are passionate about within your local and global community. Our team of skilled facilitators and qualified coaches are there to help you shape your goals into reality.

When is PEP?

Our 2019 PEP will be held from Friday 19 July - Monday 22 July in Adelaide. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, our website and our newsletters for updates on registrations!

What is included?

Three nights accommodation, all meals and all activities will be covered during the program. This includes all course materials and access to qualified coaching professionals and trained PEP staff.


Glenda Fraser, Past Participant

"I appreciated so much my opportunity to come to PEP. I was more than amazed by the program. it was such a privilege being amongst so many volunteers and being in an environment where our only purpose was to bring the best out of and acknowledge the best in everyone. I found the universality of the power of good alive and well at PEP, where true and enduring values were the overwhelming theme, and much love and acceptance was generated, It was a powerful experience, one I hope never to forget.

Thank you PEP and WYI."

Caitlin Murphy, Past Participant

"PEP was a powerful force: a process of waking up and returning to authentic connections. It was a meeting of so many incredible people with energy and drive that kick-started an inner fire in many of us. There was such openness and potential in everyone, and a creative element to the program that was very special.

I now feel much more peaceful, balanced and healthy; I feel ready to live passionately and bravely. I can start to trust the way I want to live. I now feel more comfortable in my own skin. I feel I respect myself more, and I respect others' development. I now feel I have the potential to act and to engage freely with others. I now feel part of a powerful movement of change, and take comfort in the fact that many others are driven by the same conviction. I feel resilient and alive."

Sarah Abrahamse, Past Participant

"We should all strive to place ourselves in the sort of environment that is both challenging and positive; the sort of situation where the soul is awakened by communication and passions. I found myself in this situation at World Youth International's annual Personal Empowerment Program. I found it to be an opportunity where my mind was opened to the possibilities of the world, where I was surrounded by inspiring people with inspiring ideas. It provided me with the opportunity to explore further my own place in life. A safe, yet challenging environment fostering the most important things in the world; passion, values, respect, knowledge, community, trust, taking risks, and most importantly the empowerment of not only ourselves, but others. We humans should create more opportunities to realise our potential.

To be honest I spent a great deal of the weekend being overwhelmed about what was going on around me. I tried my hardest to soak up all I could in terms of ideas, stories, experiences and lessons learnt from others by relating or comparing them to my own. I found that the gathering of like minds allowed incredible growth in a very subtle way. I truly believe that together we created a powerful force, a force that is hard to explain, a force that can really only be felt, a force that despite distance, despite the immensity of issues of the world we were considering, despite the unclear solutions, despite it all, a force that remains. What occurred within those four days will always be evident; our force will continue to develop as we continue to feel empowered. It is through this force that I find hope. I find comfort in the fact that our legacy is not over. I find comfort in the idea that I believe in the people I met, I believe they are powerful, and the fact is that through these beliefs I find strength which enables me to also believe in myself.

One of the most beautiful things I took away from this experience was the ability to embrace diversity. We all entered at different stages on our journey, throughout our time together we experienced different emotions, had our own realisations and dealt with things in our own way. People are unique. So often we forget how imperative that concept is. I found myself in the company of like minded people yet I still felt like my own person. I was on my own journey, but I was not alone. This idea highlighted that we all need each other in our simplest form in order to exist. The program highlighted my favourite concept from Africa, 'Ubuntu'- I am what I am, because of who we all are, I am because we are. We affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others. My humanity is caught up and inextricably bound in yours. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this program, to be apart of a family, a force, a movement that ignites my passions and gives me hope."

Aimee Pitt, Past Participant

"Friendship, challenge, love, fear, liberation: such small words that bring forth such intense memories of my time at PEP. I went simply because I wanted to catch up with like-minded people and learn some leadership skills. Surpassing all expectations, these things were only two of the many things I gained. I wasn't prepared for the soul battering experience I received, and for that I am blessed. Although only lasting for several days, WYI's Personal Empowerment Program is the climax to the most life changing journey I have ever been on. All the lessons I learnt about myself on my OAP were tested and solidified. Things that I had "known" for years were finally given meaning and understood. Self doubts that I'd been living with since I was a child were brought to the surface and eliminated. There were tears, there was laughter and above all there was empowerment. I am now in a position to take charge of my life and overcome fear- the cage that binds us all. I now fully realise that challenges are what helps the soul grow. The more vulnerabilities and dreams I make public, the more I inspire others to push their own boundaries and discover hidden strengths. I am responsible, I am powerful; I am the change. And so are you. Led by the most inspiring, generous people I have ever met, the Personal Empowerment Program is an opportunity you don't want to miss."

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