Overseas Action Program

The Overseas Action Program offers group programs for young people between 18 and 30 years of age. Programs are five weeks in length.

Volunteers on the Overseas Action Program live and work alongside other volunteers, and are guided and supported by a professionally Australian-trained team leader.

The structured and supportive environment of this program is perfect for first time travellers and those who enjoy working in a team environment.

By joining one of our Overseas Action Programs, you will make a tangible contribution to the lives of people living in poverty.

You and your team will work alongside local community members on sustainable, community-driven development projects as sourced by WYI's in-country staff. These projects will mostly involve construction and fall within the areas of primary health care, agriculture, income generation, or education and training. Previous experience in construction is not required - all you need is passion and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

Individually, you may choose to take on a personal project in a field which interests you. This might be at a local school or community centre, with a women's group or youth group, or within a medical clinic (relevant qualifications essential).

At the end of your program, you have the opportunity to participate in an optional adventure package, a fantastic way to experience more of the country you are in.

World Youth International asks all volunteers to respect the cultural sensitivities of the communities we work with. Although alcohol is permitted in moderation while in built-up areas, drinking is strictly prohibited while living and working within our target communities.

For further information on start dates and fees for the OAP in each country, please consult the Dates and Fees page.

The Overseas Action Program is available in Kenya, Nepal and Peru.

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